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TV artists caught red handed for Prostitution

Tollywood | Published:August 1, 2014, 7:35 PM IST
The Chennai police has arrested a TV artist red handed for indulging in a prostitution racket and also trapping five TV artists who belongs to Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Mumbai. The TV artist is running a sex racket at the famous ECR and OMR IT hubs in Chennai and luring the IT professionals to indulge in the sex with the TV artists. She brought five girls who are acting in the TV serials promising them to give chance in the movies but unfortunately she made them to indulge in the prostitution. Many customers are from IT industry who is indulging in the sex with the prostitutes. However the police had arrested all the accused girls and main TV artist but released the IT professionals on the request of higher officials.  It has become common in Chennai and Hyderabad that TV artists are indulging in the sex racket apart from acting to make quick bucks but later caught red handed by the police.

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