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Wife lover kills husband and chops the body

Tollywood | Published:November 30, -0001, 12:00 AM HMT
In a sensational Incident a wife along with her paramour killed her husband and later cut into pieces and thrown into Musi River. According to Police the facts of the case is like these, Sainawat Chandu 36 years and Shantha are wife and husband who belongs to Devarakonda village of Nalgonda district, both got married 13 years back and got two daughters, a few years back the family shifted to Hyderabad and staying at Bandlaguda area and Chandu used to earn money by driving an Auto however from last few months Chandu started noticing some change in his wife for which he was not liking her attitude on one fine day Chandu caught both his wife and lover Gopal in a compromising position in the house however Chandu warned both his wife and gopal not to indulge in such activities but Shantha and gopal on August 17th murdered Chandu and took help of two others by giving them Rs.10,000 for cutting the body and disposing them.On Telangana survey day the officials asked his wife about her husband but she answered that he has gone outstation however Chandu brother got dougbt on her and intimated to police and police took his wife and introgated her and finally the reality came to know. The police arrested gopal and two others on murder charges and destroying the evidence.

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