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possessed woman breaks husband legs

Saturday May 27th 2017

Sudhakar, claimed that his wife Reema Devadia is a possessed women after she broke his legs with pestle, cricket bat and mortar in an assault when he was asleep. This incident took place in Mumbai  on 6th March around 2:30 am but the cop still have not arrested the women, who  has broken the bones of her husband without any reason.


They got married in 2008 and were residents of Om Sagar co-operative housing society in Vasai West. The couple has two sons, aged four and seven. According to Sudhakar, he was sleeping at home with his kids, Reema was watching the  TV, suddenly she stood and started to hit on his legs with mortar and pestle. When  he was screaming in pain, she picked up a cricket bat and continued to beat on his leg.  He told the police that his wife was suffering from a psychological problem and often got violent for no reason but she did not hit him earlier. Sudhakar added that she looked  like she was possessed and she hit only on legs not the head.


Sudhakar is unable to walk and staying at his mother’s house. The case has been  registered under Section 325 of the IPC but no arrest has been made yet.Displaying 2.jpg



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