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stunt goes wrong: crocodile bites man\'s head

Tollywood | Published:November 30, -0001, 12:00 AM HMT

During a crocodile show, in Thailand,  the  zoo performer was trying to delight his audiences with a  death defying stunt by putting his head in a the  mouth of crocodile but  the stunt went horribly wrong. The entire event has been caught on camera that shows a crocodile grabbing a zoo performer's head during a performance. This  terrifying incident  took place last Sunday in Ko Samui, Thailand and the video has been uploaded on YouTube, which is going viral.

The zookeeper starts the show by using two small wooden sticks. He kneels before the crocodile and teases it with wooden sticks inside its open jaw. Later he slowly puts his head  inside the predator's mouth,  after about 10 seconds the crocodile snapped its jaws shut in front of a terrified audience. The zookeeper was seen writhing in pain as the crocodile violently thrashed him on the ground. The performer showed the crowd previous wounds, including a missing finger, before he started the stunt.

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