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CM Naidu's publicity madness gets Kapu shock

Tollywood | Published:November 30, -0001, 12:00 AM HMT

Andhra Pradesh chief Minister Chandra Babu Naidu’s hunger for self publicity through welfare schemes has received unanticipated shock from senior Kapu leaders. The Andhra Pradesh government decided to build for five Kapu Bhavans in five different districts across the state.  Naidu and his MLA Bonda Uma were planning of naming those building as Chandranna Kapu Sangham Bhavan. But the plan has not worked well when Kapu said that  they did not want a Kamma leader’s tag. The government has released another order to attach the name of CM Naidu to eight welfare schemes including Chandranna Kapu Nidhi and Chandranna Kapu Bhavan. The Kapus want  welfare schemes meant for them to bear the name of their own veterans and not someone from other castes. Naidu belongs to the Kamma community. Congress leader Lingamsetti Eswara Rao  requested the government to consider the name of freedom fighter from the Palnadu region of Guntur district, Kanneganti Hanumanth, for the Kapu Samkshema Bhavan.

Several Kapu Leaders met Chandrababu Naidu and expressed their dissent over  this move and they suggested Naidu to name Kapu Bhavans and welfare schemes after the Kapu Leaders who fought for the community’s development.

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