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Interview With Harish Shankar

Tollywood | Published:November 30, -0001, 12:00 AM HMT
Interview With Harish Shankar
Harish Shankar is one of those rare directors in Tollywood who delivered consecutive hits after a disastrous debut as a director. Today, Harish is considered as one of the top directors in Telugu Film Industry. Known for his aggressive & friendly nature within the industry, Harish Shankar is excited about his upcoming movie Ramayya Vastavayya with Young Tiger NTR. The movie is scheduled to hit the theater on October 10, 2013 and Harish spoke about NTR, Shruti Haasan and many other things.
Q: How confident are you about Ramayya Vastavayya?
Harish Shankar : I've got lot of confidence on the movie and the audio has already become  
a big hit, Thanks to SS Thaman for the rocking number and he is doing his best with the  
background score as well. Each and every song is a situational one and I’m sure audience  
will have a visual feast in the theater. It's a complete family entertainer and audience  
will love our Ramayya Vastavayya.
Q: How important are the characters of Shruti & Samantha?
Harish: Both Samantha & Shruti Haasan have delivered fabulous performances. My heroines  
in this film are not limited just to the songs and according to the script, they have got  
ample space to perform.
Q: It was heard that NTR will appear as a student in RV?
Harish: NTR plays student role in this movie and his body language was perfect. I loved  
NTR's performances as student in Student No.1 & Aadi. Student role doesn’t mean that my  
hero will fight for the rights or he indulge in politics, it's a youthful entertainer and  
NTR has delivered his best performance.
Q: Heroes in Telugu cinema does everything apart from attending classes. Why is that?
Harish: I have directed 4 films in this 83 year old Telugu Film Industry and I really  
don't know the reason and I would appreciate if someone would help me with the correct  
Q: What is the purpose of Ramayya in this film?
Harish: Apart from entertaining, our Ramayya has got many other roles on the film. It  
will be worth to wait and watch that purpose on the big screen.
Q: Tell us about NTR's look in this film?
Harish: Complete credit goes to our NTR for his look in the film. He has worked hard on  
his physique for almost 9 months and I’m glad that fans & movie lovers are loving his new  
look. Not to forget the contribution of our cinematographer Chota K Naidu garu for the  
film, he has done his best with the lens.
Q: Most of your dialogues are connected to your heroes’ personal life. Just a coincidence?
Harish: I love cinema and I worship my heroes. I write the dialogues taking heroes  
attitude into consideration and I’m glad that its working.
Q: Tell us about 'Buddodu' dialogue?
Harish: After the success of Gabbar Singh, lot of people started wishing me good luck and  
some of them used the word 'Buddodu' for NTR. I felt it wrong and that how I wrote the  
dialogue. NTR listened to the dialogue and just gave a smile.
Q: Have you got any nick name in the industry?
Harish: smiles.... Lot of people say that I talk a lot and some say that I write a story  
based on my dialogues. Well when my negative has earned me a lot of name, I don't think  
that I’ve got anything to complain.
Q: Were you not interested in directing Gabbar Singh 2?
Harish: Power Star Pawan Kalyan liked my narrative skills and offered me Gabbar Singh.  
I'm happy that the film did a splendid business at the box-office. Pawan garu offered  
Gabbar Singh 2 to Sampath Nandi and I’m' happy for him. I wish a very good luck for the  
entire team.
Q: How did you convince Shruti Haasan for a special role?
Harish: Our journey throughout the Gabbar Singh was very smooth and both of us are happy  
for each other for being a part of a blockbuster film. When I approached Shruti for a  
role in Ramayya Vastavayya, she was impressed with her portion.
Q: You spoke a lot about NTR at the audio function?
Harish: I spoke what I meant. I have travelled with NTR for almost 1 year and he is a very good friend of mine from many years. NTR is one of the rare artists in Telugu cinema who can pull off a dance move, action sequence, and dialogue delivery in a single take. I'm privileged to work with Young Tiger.
Q: Your future projects?
Harish: Right now I’m focused on promoting my Ramayya Vastavayya. After that, I will narrate a script to All Argon and more details will be announced very soon.

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