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Interview With Havish

Tollywood | Published:November 30, -0001, 12:00 AM HMT
Interview With Havish

Actor Havish made a decent debut with Ravi Babu's Nuvvila and his last film Genius proved to be an above average grosser at the box-office. Havish is celebrating his birthday on June 25 and the actor spoke to Tollywood about his journey so far and his upcoming movies.

Q: Hello Havish, How are you?

A: Doing good, happy to interact you people ahead of my birthday.

Q: You are 2 films old in this industry. What all had you learnt so far?
A: My 2 films were of different genre. To be frank, I was very nervous when I faced the camera for the first time but I was very confident by the time Genius started. I have learnt a lot while shooting for Nuvvila.

Q: So, you were confident at the time of Genius Shooting?
A: Well, my character in Nuvvila was simple without any heroic shades, but in Genius I have dances, fights and action dialogues etc. I felt that I have pulled it off with ease.

Q: After doing a rom-com, what made you to accept an action entertainer in your second outing itself?
A: (Laughs) Makers of Genius and the director approached me with the script and I’ve accepted the project. Now a film maker has approached with a different genre movie and I’m impressed with the line. Personally, I felt that I shouldn't repeat the characters.

Q: Which genre did you enjoyed or felt comfortable while shooting? Rom-com (Nuvvila) or Action (Genius)?
A: Well I have two answers here. I enjoyed shooting for Nuvvila, as it’s my first film and I felt comfortable doing Genius. Luckily, I got a chance to portray 2 different roles in my two movies. May be I will enjoy and feel comfortable hereafter.

Q: What is the kind of response that you have received after Genius release?

A: Genius was released in 270 theaters across the state and the film did extremely well at the B and C centers in spite of unfavorable reviews. Two big films were scheduled to release after our Genius and that has affected our movie a lot. However, makers of Genius are happy with the collections.

Q: On the flip side, there was lot of negative about the film director Omkar. How did he convinced you for this high budget movie?
A: Omkar is just adamant but he is a very sensible director. After meeting him I never doubted upon his capabilities and about the negative part, Omkar has got an appeal in B & C centers because of his TV shows and that has really helped the movie. Going with Omkar proved to be good for me and profitable for the producers.

Q: While selecting the script, what do you look for?
A: Technical Aspects. I look out for good technicians for my movies. What else does a film need other than good quality and dedicated technicians!

Q: Tell us about your future projects
A: I’m doing a trilingual film in Telugu, Tamil and Kannada languages which will be directed by Tamil director Shankar's protégé and Aascar Ravichandran will be present the film. Another movie with Genius producer is in the pipeline too.

Q: Who are your Favorite actors?
A: I've grown up watching Telugu movies and I truly admire each and every actor. I like Venkatesh gaur for his variety movies and I like Chiranjeevi, Balakrishna and Nagarjuna as well. I don't want to sound diplomatic, but yes I like and respect each and every actor in TFI. Coming to the heroines, I like Tamanna a lot and Anjali too.

Q: Do you mind working with new directors?A: Definitely not, Telugu industry has got lot of new talent and there is a lot of change in film making these days. As long as I’m convinced with the script, I don't mind working with new directors.

Q: You don't attend any filmy events party's? Any reason?
A: (Smiles) I'm very reserved and like to hangout with my childhood friends most of the time. It might take some time for me to mingle with everyone.

With that, we have ended our conversation with Havish. Tollywood.net wishes a very happy birthday to Havish.

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