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Sr NTR's Nandamuri House for Sale

Tollywood | Published:November 3, 2017, 8:33 PM IST

The place where once, legendary actor and  Chief Minister of United Andhra Pradesh- Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao (Sr. NTR) lived, is now up for sale. The Number 59/28, residence located at Bajulla Road in T Nagar was a popular spot when NTR was ruling the Telugu Film Industry. When Telugu film industry was based in Chennai major people related to film industry used to live there. Among them was also Sr. NTR. He named his house as Nandamuri House, which is also known as NTR estate. He resided in this house between 1953-1980. Before entering the home, Sr. NTR made few necessary changes as per Vastu. The sources say that when NTR used to live in this house, he delivered  several blockbuster movies. When Telugu Film Industry shifted to Hyderabad,  NTR also left Chennai and came to Hyderabad.


The house is now strewn with mementos, old photographs, film reels and others while the premises were filled with empty liquor bottles and garbage thrown by neighbours.  According to the latest update, the 8000 sq.ft. house, has now been put on sale by Nandamuri family members.

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