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Why Pawan sold Benz car?

Sunday May 28th 2017

Power Star Pawan Kalyan has decided to sell his Benz model car, this news is going viral on the social media and creating lot of buzz. According to the latest update, Pawan Kalyan is in financial crisis.  During the promotional activities of his previous offering “Sardaar Gabbar Singh”, he revealed that he faced financial trouble. It is heard that he is not yet come out of financial crisis.


 Now the news of selling car is creation sensation in film industry as he decided to sell his car Mercedes-Benz G55 which he bought at  the time of his nephew’s  Ram Charan’s wedding.  Now this model is not available in market as the company has stopped its production long ago.  Pawan bought this car for Rs 1.5 to 2 Crores that time. At present the cost of this car will be Rs 1 Cr in market.


 On the work side, he is getting ready to join the set of  his upcoming untitled movie under  the direction of Dolly very soon which is based on Village backdrop.



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