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khaidi no 150 crossed $1 million in us

Sunday May 28th 2017

Megastar Chiranjeevi  has once again proved that he is the King of Telugu Cinema.  Finally his come back most prestigious project ‘Khaidi No 150’ has crossed $1 million  through USA premiers.

According to  Midwest Movies tweet,” MillionDollarPremiereKhaidiNo150 $1,133,615 #KhaidiNo150 #MegaSurgicalAttack.”

Boss is Back and he is rewriting box office records with ease, inching close to surpass Baahubali’ premier day numbers ( $1.3 million). It is expected  that at 10PM EST, Khaidi  No 150 will cross the  premier collection of Baahubali and emerged as highest grosser for premiers.

For every Telugu movie lovers, the Sankranti festival has come early as Khaidi No 150 is all set to hit the screens worldwide  today on 11th January 2017. Release Day fever for Khaidi No 150 has been already started in Hyderabad, it will be a record as 314 Multiplex screens will show  Chiranjeevi come back  today.



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