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money, sex & drug trade in tollywood

Tollywood | Published:November 30, -0001, 12:00 AM HMT

If you think everything is fair in  Telugu Film Industry, then you are certainly wrong. Beneath these glamour looks of Tollywood there is a murky cesspool of drugs, fake currency rackets and sex trade. Police are continuously eyeing this field from years ago.


The people from  film world take up crime with an eye to making quick and easy money.   According to the police report, the crimes relating to women and money are rampant in T’wood. To finance films, some producers resort to crimes like cheating, forgery.


For, those in the film industry are mostly involved in the real estate industry and most of them route their black money only into the real estate. Couple of Telugu film producers and directors parked their black money in the disputed properties. Majority of these properties in which these producers had invested are lands on the outskirts of Hyderabad and Madhuravada in Vizag.


Film producer Bellamkonda Suresh tops the list in cheating cases. According to police report, at least five cases are pending against him.  PVP Ventures, a company founded by Prasad V Potluri and listed on the national bourses, is one of the biggest lenders to the Indian film industry.   There is no need of any introduction for Mining Mafia King and producer Gali Janardhan Reddy, who was arrested  in 2015, in connection with illegal mining case.  Agri gold  company which never returned the deposits (approx Rs 9000 Cr across the country) collected from public with the promise of high returns, is  active in Tollywood and still running Tollywood TV channels.


The sex trade is interlinked with Tollywood with filmmakers exploiting actresses and junior artists who enter the industry with dreams of making it big. Ansari, Yamuna, Bhuvaneswari, Saira Banu, Bhuvaneswari, Jyothi, Kinnera, Sravani, Niharika, Divya Sri, Sukanya are Telugu actresses caught in prostitution act.



The  recent arrest of  Calvin Mascaranhes and Zeeshan, the alleged kingpin of the massive drug racket,  revealed the shocking truth about the  ugly side of Tollywood. SIT of the Excise department has called  12 film personalities- Director Puri Jagannadh,   Ravi Teja, Charmee Kaur, Mumaith Khan, Tanish, Navdeep, Art Director Chinna, Shyam K Naidu, Nandu, Tarun, Subba Raju and Srinivas , to give their statements in connection with the ongoing  drug case investigation.

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