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Anushka shares her beauty secret

Tollywood | Published:January 23, 2018, 8:16 PM IST

Sizzling actress Anushka, one of the leading actress of South  Indian Film Industry, is popular for her electrifying performance and has proved herself in various  movies like Arundhati, Vedam, Rudhramdevi and Baahubali. She  has proved that  that has ability to delight the audiences not only by her glamour but also by her performance. She has many big endorsements and is a popular common face. People have been amazed by her beauty.


She is the actress who can go to any extent for the justification of her role. She was last seen in movie Size Zero and she gained more than 20 kg weight to play the character of obsess lady. But now once again she has come back in her slimmer and hot look.



She revealed her fitness secret. According to her, the cream cannot enhance the beauty. She said that her beauty secret is to have good positive thoughts and not to worry about anything. She believes in Yoga. She stays away from junk food and tries to keep her figure in control by eating proper diet. She maintains a proper work out regime. Yoga which is known around the world to cure obesity and also for the maintenance of skin and hairs, so her favourite work out is Yoga and she maintains 30 minutes work out session per day.

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