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He eats electricity to satisfy hunger

Tollywood | Published:December 17, 2017, 8:17 PM IST

A Uttar Pradesh man named Naresh Kumar has gained popularity for his bizarre ability to eat and produce electricity. Naresh Kumar, 42,  has earned himself the nickname the 'Human Light Bulb' claims that he can feed off electricity. According to Naresh, Whenever  he feel hungry and there’s no food in the house he hold naked wires and within half an hour. He eats electricity like it’s food.  He does not feel the shock on touching live wires. He thinks that about 80 per cent of his body is composed of electricity now and he can touch any electrical appliance like a television, fridge, washing machine, and an inverter with his bare hands. It doesn’t affect him. 


Mr Kumar who hails from Muzzafarnagar in Uttar Pradesh, says he found out his talent after he accidentally touched live wire at work and did not feel the shock. Since then he has been obsessed with electric wires are tries them regularly. Kumar simply plugs himself into the mains, and after some 30 minutes, he is satiated.

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