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Miya George confident on Sunil Varma and Kranthi Madhav’s Ungarala Rambabu

Tuesday September 19th 2017
Miya George confident on Sunil Varma and Kranthi Madhav’s Ungarala Rambabu

The 25-year-old Miya George, is making her debut into Telugu Film Industry through Ungarala Rambabu  in which comedian turned actor Sunil Varma is playing the lead role. Directed by Kranthi Madhav of Onamalu and Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju fame, the film will be hitting the screens this Friday on 15th September. The actress is confident on Ungarala Rambabu   and pinning lot of hopes on it. Posani Krishna Murali, Ali and Vennela Kishore will be seen playing other crucial roles in the film which has the music by Ghibran.

During the media interaction, Mia said, “Ungarala Rambabu is my first direct film in Telugu and it was a good experience for me. Earlier, I heard a lot about Tollywood and it is as good as I expected it to be. It is a film with positive energy.  When the director Kranthi Madhav narrated the script, I gave him green signal immediately without any second thought.  Ungarala Rambabu  is a complete package. There are emotions, fun, romance and an ideological clash between my communist father (Prakash Raj) and the hero (Sunil) The film  also has the family sentiments which are necessary. I enjoyed a lot during the shoot of the film.”

Talking about her difficulty in Telugu language, the actress  said that she was not fluent with the language.  So the director narrated dialogue and situation in detail and gave time to learn. She tried to give her best.

When she was asked about working with Sunil, she said that he was someone who entertained on and off screen. According to Mia,  Sunil  is very particular about fitness. He is very supportive and helped me in bringing the best in every scene.

Miya George is  playing the role of Savithri in Ungarala Rambabu . In the first half, Savithri will be seen as a happy girl and from the second half, as the story goes further, her life will change with the situations.

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