Our members will not act with Sri reddy, says MAA

Our members will not act with Sri reddy, says MAAIt is known news that Controversial actress Sri Reddy protested against the ‘casting couch’ problem in the Telugu film industry by stripping in public in front of the Movie Artistes Association’s (MAA) offices in Hyderabad recently. She alleged that producers, directors and male actors in Telugu Film Industry take advantage of female actors in exchange for sexual favours. She also alleged that Telugu producers cast female actors from Chennai and Mumbai instead of giving opportunities to local actors.

Uttej reacted to Telugu actress Sri Reddy issue and faulted her behaviour and also her blaming MAA. He said, MAA association takes very good care of actors under the leadership of Sivaji Raja. He further said, Sri Reddy has lost that sympathy with her misbehaviour. He added, his daughter Chetana is also a heroine and is facing no such sexual exploitation mentioned by Sri Reddy.

Yesterday, the association said that a collective decision had been taken after Sri Reddy’s protest, to deny her a membership, as well as boycott her films.

MAA President Sivaji Raja said that he was ‘hurt’ by all the allegations levelled against the association. He also added, “MAA has officially denied her membership after her latest ‘stunt’. Not only that, no artist who is member of the MAA will act with her. If they do, they will be suspended.”