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Fashion Designer S/o Ladies Tailor Review

Wednesday November 30th -0001

Fashion Designer S/o Ladies Tailor Review

Director             : Vamsi

Producer           : Madhura Sreedhar Reddy

Music Director   : Mani Sharma

Starring             : Sumanth Ashwin, Anisha Ambrose, Manali Rathod, Manasa Himavarsha

Release Date     : 2nd June 2017

Rate                  : 2/5

Editor Review

After a long gap, legendary director Vamsy, made his comeback with  the movie ‘Fashion designer S/O Ladies Tailor’  starring Sumanth Ashwin, which has hit the theaters today on 2nd June. Let’s see  the storyline.


Story: Gopalam (Sumanth Ashwin) is a small-time tailor who wants to move out to the city to make a name. His desire is to become a  popular fashion designer. When Gopalam approaches a palmist, he gets to know about the virtue of the cupid line and from then onwards he tries to test his luck with wealthy women of the village.  First  he traps  Gedela Rani (Manasa Himavarsha) and later he traps another rich girl Ammulu (Manali Rathod). The twist arises in the story when  Maha Lakshmi (Anisha Ambrose)  enters in the scenes. Gopalam tries to woo Maha Lakshmi.  The cat and mouse game starts among Gopalam, Ammulu, Gedela Rani and Maha Lakshmi. Now  Gopalam is stuck with three girls. Whom he finally confirms as his love and how he manages to convince them forms the rest of the story.


Plus points:

  • Cinematography
  • Godavari locales

Minus points:

  • Screenplay
  • Worst comedy
  • Direction

Performance: Sumanth Ashwin is ok as Gopalam. He needs to improve his performance skills. Manasa Himavarsha as Gedela Rani looks good. Manali Rathod looks super cool as Ammulu and .Anisha Ambrose looks gorgeous as Maha Lakshmi.  Pandu who plays Sumanth Ashwin’s friend is just ok. Remaining actors perform accordingly.


Technical: There is no any freshness in the story line. Music by Mani Sharma is weak and the background score is ok. The cinematography work is good and the editing is atrocious. Dialogues did not leave any good impact. Screenplay lost its flow and has few jerks. The emotion is missing in hero’s character as Vamsy makes it too loud for the audience. There are a lot of irritating scenes in the movie that test the patience of audiences. Sumanth Ahswin’s dubbing does not suit his character and it is clearly visible on the screen. There are number of vulgar scenes which are in typical Vamsy style and are unbearable.


Analysis: If you want to watch the film just for Vamsy as it is the sequel of Ladies Tailor which was super hit  in 1986, then leave all the expectations at home and go to the theaters. Fashion Designer S/o Ladies – Not a must watch!