Goutham Nanda Movie Review Goutham Nanda Movie Review

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Goutham Nanda Movie Review

Tollywood | Published:July 28, 2017, 12:00 AM IST | Updated:November 30, -0001, 12:00 AM HMT

Goutham Nanda Movie Review

Movie: Goutham Nanda

Director : Sampath Nandi

Producers : J. Bhagavan, J. Pulla Rao

Music Director : S. Thaman

Starring : Gopichand, Hansika, Catherine Tresa

Date: 28th July 2017

Rate: 2.75/5


Goutham Nanda Movie Review :

After the gap of one year, action hero  Gopichand is back on silver screen with his much-awaited film ‘Goutham Nanda’, directed by Sampath Nandi who earlier directed Ram Charan’s Racha and Ravi Teja’s Bengal Tiger.   The movie stars Hansika Motwani and Catherine Tresa in  female lead. The film has finally hit  the theaters today on 28th July 2017. Let’s see the storyline.


Storyline: Ghattamaneni Gautam (Gopichand) is  the son of a multi millionaire Vishnu Prasad. One day after facing insult during a party, he  decided to kill himself and  crashes his car into a  mower middle class guy Nanda (Gopichand).  He was shocked after seeing Nanda as he looks alike and  they decided to exchanges their lives for a month. Nanda takes Gautam’s position.   With an interesting bang, the rest of Goutham Nanda is all about the real side of Gautam, Nanda and where do Spoorthi (Hansika) and Mugdha (Catherine Tresa) fit in the film .


Performance: Gopichand has put up a natural performance in  the role of  Gautham and Nanda. The energy he pumped and carried throughout the movie is fantastic.  The way he  carried the emotional scenes is a treat to watch.  He looks handsome and is perfect fit into the role. His performance is one of the major asset of this film.  Hansika looks misfit as the slum girl.  The glamour of Catherine Tresa is highlighted. This credit goes to Sampath Nandi  who presented Hansika and Catherine  in the songs in a very interesting manner. Both Haniska and Catherine look ravishing in all the song sequences.  The actresses did not get much screen space to prove their performance skills. Chandra Mohan performs well as the middle-class father. All other actors have done well up-to the extent of their characters.


Plus Points:

  • Gopichand’s performance
  • Catherine Tresa’s glamour
  • Cinematography
  • Production value

Minus  Points:

  • Routine storyline
  • Forced sentiment scenes
  • Screen play
  • Editing


Technical:   The story line line of  Gautham Nanda is simple and routine. Sampath Nandi seems like a Spent Force as he failed with the story execution. The music and background score by  Thaman is impressive that takes the movie into the next level. The production value is top notch. The dialogues are neat. The cinematography is good while the editing by Goutham Raju is disappointing. Art department has done a superb job. Cinematography  by S Soundar Rajan is breathtaking. Action sequences are choreographed well. Screenplay lost its flow and has few jerks.


Analysis: Overall Goutham Nanda is an average  entertainer movie. If ignore the predictable story line,  Gopichand will entertain  the audiences to the fullest. The  Cinematography, rich production value, good choreography of action and dance,  Gopichand’s interesting transformation and performance make the movie watchable.  The predictable storyline, tedious narrations are the major drawback.  The first half and last 30 minutes of the film are impressive as it is packed commercial ingredients. The second half is just ok and not appeal to all sections of the audience. Some of the family emotions look forcible.  

Goutham Nanda Movie Review


Goutham Nanda Movie Review
Goutham Nanda Movie Review
Goutham Nanda Movie Review
Goutham Nanda Movie Review
Goutham Nanda Movie Review
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