Khayyum Bhai Movie Review Khayyum Bhai Movie Review

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Khayyum Bhai Movie Review

Tollywood | Published:June 30, 2017, 12:00 AM IST | Updated:November 30, -0001, 12:00 AM HMT

Khayyum Bhai Movie Review

Director              : Bharath

Producer            : Katta Sharada Chowdary

Music Director   : Sekhar Chandra

Starring             : Katta Rambabu, Taraka Ratna

Release Date     : 30th June 2017

Rate                   : 2.75/5


Khayyum Bhai Movie Review :

Khayyum Bhai starring Taraka Ratna and Katta Rambabu, made against the backdrop of gangster Nayeemuddin, has hit the theaters today.  Let’s see how this film turns out to be.


Story : Khayum (Ram Babu) grows up with criminal thought, joins the war gang in his teenage. After a period of time, as his ego clashes with his gang, he becomes the informer of police. He starts the business of land settlements and extraditions by using the cop background. But as he is accused in several cases, the authorities encounter him with a perfect plan.   What kinds of illegal activities did Khayum do and how did he run his empire? To know these answers, one should watch the movie  on silver screen.


Plus Points:

  • Hardly anything

Minus Points:

  • Dull screenplay
  • Lack of interesting moments
  • Music

Performance: As usual Tarakratna delivers his fantastic performance. Ram Babu, who plays the dreaded don, has some features which make him look like Nayeem and this makes things better at times. Remaining casts perform accordingly.


Technical: Director Bharath came up with interesting story line based on the real incidents but he became fail to execute the film.  He should gather enough information before starting the work. The movie has functional production and technical values, nothing to talk about specifically.   The music by Sekhar Chandra  disappoints the audiences. The background score is pathetic and does not elevate the film one bit. Cinematography work is also dull. Production value is below par. Editing is weak. There are number of illogical scenes that spoil the entertainment level.  The screenplay and dialogues lack interest.


 Analysis: Overall Khayyum Bhai is poorly executed film. Screenplay lost its flow and has few jerks. All those who have a lot of time and are excited to watch the film as it based on gangster Nayeem, can try this film but the rest can stay away from this film and explore better options this weekend.

Khayyum Bhai Movie Review


Khayyum Bhai Movie Review
Khayyum Bhai Movie Review
Khayyum Bhai Movie Review
Khayyum Bhai Movie Review
Khayyum Bhai Movie Review
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