Oye Ninne Movie Review Oye Ninne Movie Review

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Oye Ninne Movie Review

Tollywood | Published:October 6, 2017, 5:49 PM IST | Updated:October 7, 2017, 10:27 AM IST

Oye Ninne Movie Review

Movie                : Oye Ninne

Director            : Satyam Challakoti

Producer          : Ch. Vamsikrishna Srinivas

Music Director : Shekar Chandra

Starring           : Bharath Margani, Srushti Dang

Release Date   :6th October 2017

Rate                  :2/5

Editor Review

Oye Ninne Movie Review :

Oye Ninne starring Bharath Margani and Srushti Dange, directed by Satyam Challakoti, has hit the theaters today on 6th October. Let’s see the storyline:


Story:    It is all about the story of  Vishnu (Bharat), a young man who aspires to become a farmer from childhood.  His father, who is a school principal and mother want him to aim for something bigger.  He shares love hate relationship with Ammulu (Shrusti Dange). From their childhood, both Vishnu and Ammulu grow up together and the love blossom between them when Ammulu’s wedding is fixed with someone else. How will both realize their love for each other? What will Vishnu do now? To get these answers, one should watch the movie on silver screen.


Plus Points:

  • Performances
  • Cinematography

Minus Points:

  • Predictable storyline
  • Pre-climax dragged
  • Lack of chemistry between lead pair
  • Screenplay

Performance: Bharat performs well in the role of Vishnu but he needs little bit improvement in his performance. Srushti Dange is pretty natural with her work. She has a nice physique. Nagineedu justifies with his role. Comedian Satya and  rest of the cast perform accordingly.


Technical: The storyline of the film is simple and predictable.  There is no excitement in the flow of the scenes.  The screenplay and narration is not impressive. Though the film has some good scenes, they were not executed properly and some of the scenes are very bad too. The production values of the film is good. The cinematography work is noteworthy. The small village set up and  the atmosphere have been nicely showcased by the cinematographer. The  Music and background score are just ok. Songs are good. Editing is not up to the mark as there are many unwanted scenes that dragged the run time of the film  The Editor could chop off at least 10 minute from the second half of the film.


Analysis:  Overall Oye Ninne is  clean film with good emotions. It explores the theme of relationships in a rural setting. The first half of the film has some funny moments. The  dragged scenes during the second half makes things routine and boring. The basic bonding and love between the couple have not been elevated at all. The slow-paced narration coupled with predictable screenplay makes the movie sluggish.  The director has mixed family emotions, love story and friendship bonding into the film. There is nothing special that can grab the attention of audiences at the theaters. 

Oye Ninne Movie Review


Oye Ninne Movie Review
Oye Ninne Movie Review
Oye Ninne Movie Review
Oye Ninne Movie Review
Oye Ninne Movie Review
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