Patel S.I.R Movie Review Patel S.I.R Movie Review

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Patel S.I.R Movie Review

Tollywood | Published:July 14, 2017, 12:00 AM IST | Updated:November 30, -0001, 12:00 AM HMT

Patel S.I.R Movie Review

Director              : Vasu Parimi

Producer            : Rajini Korrapati

Music Director   : DJ Vasanth

Starring             : Jagapati Babu, Padmapriya Janakiraman, Tanya Hope

Release Date     : 14th July 2017

Date                   : 2/5


Patel S.I.R Movie Review :

The much-awaited movie, 'Patel S.I.R' starring Jagapati Babu and Padmapriya, directed by Vasu Parimi, has arrived at the theaters today. An action thriller with a macabre tone, the film got the audience excited with its poster, teaser and especially Jagapathi Bbau’s look. Let’s see the storyline:


Story: Subhash Patel (Jagapathi Babu) is a retired Army Major. He wants his son Vallabh (Jagapati Babu) to follow in his footsteps but Vallabh wants to become a doctor, much to his father’s dismay and is, therefore, ordered out of the house. When  Patel’s wife Bharathi (Aamani) health fails, Patel decides to reunite with his son.  After the reunion of father and son, an incident happens in the family  that turns Patel into a killing machine and he  targets DR’s (Kabir Singh) gang. What is the incident that prompts a law-abiding soldier to go on a killing spree? Why did Patel target them?  To get this answer, one should watch the film on the silver screen.


Plus Points:

  • Jagapathi Babu

Minus Points:

  • Routine story
  • Screenplay
  • Unnecessary scenes in first half

Performance: As usual, Jagapathi Babu delivered his fantastic performance.  He proved that he has ability to carry the entire movie on his shoulder. His body languages, facial expression and action sequences are highlighted. He proved his expertise in emotional sequences which comes in second half and grabs the attention of audiences.  He played both the roles of a ruthless criminal and emotional caretaker very well. Padmapriya  performed well as Vallabha’s wife. Tanya Hope as special officer Katherine justifies with her role. Subhalekha Sudhakar as Patel’s friend has an easy role while the villain’s (Kabir Khan) portrayal is rather stereotypical. Rests of the cast perform accordingly.


Technical: Storyline is simple and routine. The dialogues are situational. The songs scored by DJ Vasanth are ok but the BGM is not impressive. Cinematography by Syam K Naidu is good. Visuals are good. Each frame has been beautifully captured by the cinematographer. Editing by Gowtham Raju is just ok but  there are number of unwanted scenes in the first half that  increases the  run-time.  The production value by Vaaraahi Chalana Chitram is rich and action sequences are composed well.


Analysis: The first half is loaded with action episode but in the second half, the director Vasu Parimi proves his mettle. The way  the director handled the emotional scenes between Patel and his family gives goosbumps. Jagapathi Babu’s characterization is well written but the  director and his writing team could have concentrated more on plot and its twists rather than opting for a routine story.  The director has succeeded only in making emotional sequences and failed to handle the movie and it’s screenplay to engage the audience. To sum up, Patel Sir fails to impress.

Patel S.I.R Movie Review


Patel S.I.R Movie Review
Patel S.I.R Movie Review
Patel S.I.R Movie Review
Patel S.I.R Movie Review
Patel S.I.R Movie Review
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