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Sri Sri Movie Review

Tollywood | Published:November 30, -0001, 12:00 AM HMT | Updated:November 30, -0001, 12:00 AM HMT

Sri Sri Movie Review

Director : Muppalaneni Shiva

Producer: Saideeep  Chatla

Banner : SBS Production

Music : ES.Murthy

Cast: Super Star Krishna, Vijaya Nirmala, Naresh, Saikumar, L.B Sri Ram and Posani Murali

Rate: 2.5/5


Sri Sri Movie Review :

Krishna, the first Superstar of Tollywood Film industry still has craze and his revenge action thriller drama “Sri Sri” released today on 3rd June. It is directed by Muppalaneni Siva and produced by Saideeep  Chatla whereas the music is scored by Es Murthy .  It is a family drama and the movie is based on the bonds shared among family members. It also highlights the relation amongst the children and their parents. Let’s see the impact of t he movie on audiences.


Story line: Sreepada Srinivasa Rao, Sri Sri (Superstar Krishna) is a retired professor in law who is living his life happily along his wife  and children. He has a daughter named Swetha (Angana Roy) who is a journalist and working for spy TV. She is very honest and can go to any extent for the justices. When  she came to know about a drug company JK Drugs, which is set in a tribal areas Pothurajugudem and the chemicals of this drug company dump and pollute the water streams that leads death to the people, she raised her voice against  the owner of the drug company, J K Bharadwaj (Murli Sharma) and Dr. Bikshapathi (Posani Krishna Murali), with the help of Suranna (Sai Kumar) and became successful to collect the footage and proof against them. Later she was killed by J K Bharadwaj and Dr. Bikshapathi in  front of Sri Sri. He files cases but became fail to get the justice and later he decides to take revenge by himself.   How will he take the revenge, form rest of the story.



Plus points:

  • Performance of Superstar Krishna
  • Dialogues
  • Cinematography

Minus Points:

  • Screenplay
  • Routine storyline
  • Songs

Performance: Superstar Krishna has done fantastic job in the role of Sri Sri and has given wonderful performance. Once again, he proved that he has ability to rule on Telugu film industry. His presence and wonderful performance, body languages are too good on the screen that grabbed several eyeballs.  Vijaya Nirmala has done justification with her role and performed well. She made her fantastic appearance on screen.  Posani Krishna Murali as fake doctor Bikshapathi  is ok. Murli Sharma as J K Bharadwaj delivered his best. Sai Kumar as Surya Rao stole the show by his wonderful performance.  Naresh in the role of cop, who investigate the murder case, has done good job and pulled off his role.


Technical: The story line of the movie is routine and there is no freshness. The dialogues are simple and ok. The screenplay of the movie is slow. Director became fail to engage the audiences because of slow narration and predictable  story line. He also became fail to utilize the potential of rich  star casts. The major drawback of the movie is its music which is scored by ES Murthy and the placement of songs looks like path breaker. In few places, the background music is too loud. The cinematography work is handled by Satheesh Muthyala, is ok.  The editor part is handled by Ram, is not up to mark. He can chop few dragged scenes to make the movie better. Production value is good. The plus point of the movie is the voice over of Superstar Mahesh Babu at the starting of the movie.



Analysis: The overall movie is average. The major asset of the movie is presence of Superstar Krishna and the voice over of Mahesh Babu. The first fifteen minutes takes to introduce the character in the movie.  Slow screenplay tests the patience of the audiences. Director Muppalaneni Siva has failed to use the stamina of Superstar Krishna who has ability to rule at the box office. The major drawback of the movie is its routine and predictable story line.

Sri Sri Movie Review


Sri Sri Movie Review
Sri Sri Movie Review
Sri Sri Movie Review
Sri Sri Movie Review
Sri Sri Movie Review
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