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Yaman Review

Tollywood | Published:November 30, -0001, 12:00 AM HMT | Updated:November 30, -0001, 12:00 AM HMT

Yaman Review

Director            : Jeeva Shankar
Producer          : A. Subaskaran and Fatima Vijay Antony
Banner       : Lyca Productions, Vijay Antony Film Corporation
Music               : Vijay Antony
Starring       : Vijay Antony,Miya George and Thiagarajan
Release Date   : 24th February 2017
Rate                : 3/5


Yaman Review :

Vijay Antony is one of the actors who never fail to surprise the audiences with his choice of script.  Yaman is  a political thriller drama, directed by  Jeeva Shankar which has hit the theaters today. Let’s see the story line.


Story: The movie starts with thirty years back in a village where the Devarkonda Gandhi (Vijay Antony) is in running for the MLA seat but killed by political opponent. Gandhi’s widow commits suicide and left a baby. The movie then moves to the present in Hyderabad where  Gandhi’s son grows up as Ashok Chakravarthy (Vijay Antony again). He needs money to save his cancer afflicted grandfather (Sangili Murugan) and becomes ready to go jail by accepting to take the blame for a drunken and drive case for the sake of his grandfather. In Jail, he meets with the first connection to a political web and  at this point, Karunakar (Thiagarajan) steps in as his mentor and helps Vijay to overcome his troubles. On the other side, love blossoms between the actress Ahalya (Mia George) and Ashok.  How will Ashok attain power in Politics and fulfill his ambition, form rest of the story.



Plus Points:

  • Performance of Vijay Antony
  • Screenplay
  • Dialogues
  • Cinematography

Minus points:

  • Duet song


Performance: Once again, Vijay Antony grabs the attention of audiences with his wonderful performance. He plays a confident young man who enters politics to save himself from his enemies. Mia George as the actress Ahalya as nothing much to do except look pretty standing beside the hero. She got less screen space to prove herself. She looks ravishing which is just there for the dance rigmarole. Thyagarajan as political mastermind Karunakaran performs well. Sangili Murugan, Charlie, Swaminathan and others  justify with their characters.

Technical: The dialogues are meaningful and well written, it elevate the proceedings well. Vijay Antony’s music is  good.  The Cinematography work is impressive.  The brilliant camera work cleverly hides the low production value of the film. Coming on the director Jeeva Shankar, he came up with interesting storyline and the way he has executed the movie is appreciable. Editing by Veera Senthil Raj is neat. Vijay Antony himself has scored the music and Yem Mela Kai Vacha Gaali song has impressed the audience. The Solo song and the duet song in the second half are a speed breaker to the screenplay which appears a forced inclusion.


Analysis: Vijay Antony’s mass presence is highlighted. The unique concept of Yaman and the performance of  Vijay Antony make the movie watchable. Overall it is dialogue oriented, political  thriller drama. There is no any unnecessary and unwanted scene. Jeeva Shankar has done good job by delivering engaging & intriguing political thriller  drama in the form of Yaman.

Yaman Review


Yaman Review
Yaman Review
Yaman Review
Yaman Review
Yaman Review
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