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Angel Movie Review

Tollywood | Published:November 4, 2017, 12:30 PM IST | Updated:November 4, 2017, 12:31 PM IST

Angel Movie Review

Movie: Angel

Director: Palani
Producer: Bhuvan Sagar
Music: Bheems Cecireleo
Star Cast: Hebah Patel, Naga Anvesh

Release Date: 3rd November 2017

Rate: 3/5

Editor Review

Angel Movie Review :

Heebah Patel and Naga Anvesh starrer much awaited film Angel, directed by Baahubali Palani, has hit the theaters on 3rd Nov 2017. Let’s see the storyline.


Story: During the course of an excavation work for the construction of a new capital at Amaravati in AP, the workers get an antique idol of a young woman. A smuggler strikes a fancy deal to smuggle the statue abroad, but first the idol  has to be transported to Hyderabad. Nani (Nag Anvesh) who is a small time smuggler, is very close to his friend Giri (Saptagiri). Nani comes in  the contact on Nakshatra (Heebah Patel), who requests him to drop her somewhere on the highway and hops on the vehicle. On the way Nakshatra tells Nani and Giri that she actually is the antique idol and has taken a human form. Nani is confused but she is happy with Nakshtra.  As the time passes Nani and Nakshatra fall in love. On the other-side, Nakshatra’s father sends a person (Kabir Duhan Singh) to bring her back to their fantasy world. Now what will Nakshatra do?   Will Nakshatra come back to heaven? To get these answers, one should watch the movie on silver screen.


Plus Points:

  • Heebah Patel
  • Naga Anvesh

 Minus Points:

  • Story
  • Love track

Performance: Heebah Patel as Nakshatra steals the show with her wonderful performances.  She maintains balance in both glamour as well as in acting. Naga Anvesh as Nani delivers his best. He shows his prowess in dance and fight sequences. Saptagiri’s comedy works during the pre-climax and brings much laughs. Kabir Duhan Singh  justifies with his role  as the bad guy. Shayaji Shinde, Pradeep Rawat and others perform accordingly.


Technical: The story line of the movie is very simple and predictable but it has executed well. Cinematography work is superb.  Music by Bheems Cecerelio is below average. Background score is just ok. Coming to the director Palani, he chose a very old storyline of an Angel who comes from Heaven  to the Earth and  starts to spend time with humans like an ordinary person. The love track between the lead pair  Naga Anvesh and Heebah Patel does not add any weight to the film. But the way, Palani presents the comedy, fantasy and emotions, is really appreciable. The cinematography,  stunts, VFX works and selection of scenic locations are the major attraction on the technical fronts. The comedy works well for the flick. 


Analysis: Overall Angel is a good entertainer movie and suitable for all the different genre of the audiences as  it is  balanced blend of fights, action, comedy and emotions.

Angel Movie Review


Angel Movie Review
Angel Movie Review
Angel Movie Review
Angel Movie Review
Angel Movie Review
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