enthavaraku ee prema review enthavaraku ee prema review

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enthavaraku ee prema review

Tollywood | Published:November 30, -0001, 12:00 AM HMT | Updated:November 30, -0001, 12:00 AM HMT

enthavaraku ee prema review

Director               : Deekay

Producer             : D.Venkatesh

Music Director     : Leon James

Cast                    : Jiiva, Kajal Aggarwal

Release Date      : 7th April 2017

Rate                   : 3/5


enthavaraku ee prema review :

Enthavaraku Ee Prema is the dubbed version of Tamil movie Kavalai Vendam, directed by Deekay. It is complete laugh riot starring Kajal Aggarwal and Jiiva. Noted producer D.Venkatesh  brought it for the Telugu audiences. Let’s see the storyline.


Story: Divya(Kajal Aggarwal) and Aravind (Jiiva) are childhood friends and they grow up they fall for each other that ends up in marriage but later they separated due to a childish fight. After three years, Divya has someone else in her life Arjun (Bobby Simha) who is a well settled and rich guy and opposite of Aravind. Divya and Arjun wants to tie knot but there is a  hitch as Divya is still married to Aravind and she wants to divorce him but Aravind is still in the love with her but he agrees to divorce her on a condition that they stay together as husband and wife for a week . After hearing it, Divya agrees. Whether   Divya and Aravind get back together or go their separate ways, form rest of the story.


Plus Points:

  • Kajal Aggarwal Glamour
  • Entertainment
  • Cinematography


Minus Points:

  • Double meaning dialogues


Performance: Kajal Aggarwal looks beautiful and gives a good performance. She attracts the audiences with her glamour. She is the perfect choice for the role. Jiiva does his job with effortless ease and delivers his best. In the movie, each male character is after a woman, trying to woo her all the time.   Deekay has mostly tried relied on double entendres, lewd jokes and trivializing women. RJ Balaji in the role of Jiiva’s friend steals the show with his way of dialogue delivery and wonderful sense of humour. Bobby Simha and Sunaina justify with their roles.


Technical:  The Cinematography work by Abhinandhan Ramanujam is the biggest asset of the movie as the pleasing locals of Kodaikanla and Ooty are caught the  life like frames and the colours needed for this romantic genera is perfectly splashed. The music composer Leon James does a decent job. T Suresh provides clean cuts. The Production value is top notch. The director Deekay chooses an interesting story and there is not a single dull moment with the character finding themselves in one hilarious situation after the others. From Technical point of view, the movie is superb.


Analysis: Enthavaraku Ee Prema is a youthful entertainer movie that takes on love, relationships and second chances.  It has lot of fun with good music, stunning visuals and good performances.

enthavaraku ee prema review


enthavaraku ee prema review
enthavaraku ee prema review
enthavaraku ee prema review
enthavaraku ee prema review
enthavaraku ee prema review
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