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Gulf Movie Review

Tollywood | Published:October 14, 2017, 9:24 AM IST | Updated:October 15, 2017, 9:43 AM IST

Gulf  Movie Review

Movie: Gulf

Director: Suneel Kumar Reddy
Producer: Yekkali Ravindra Babu, Ramani Kumar

Banner: Sravya Films

Music: Praveen Immadi

Cast: Chetan Maddineni, Dimple

Release Date: 13th October 2017

Rate: 3/5

Editor Review

Gulf Movie Review :

Chetan Maddineni and Dimple  starrer Gulf, directed by Sunil Kumar Reddy, has hit the theaters today on 13th October. The movie is all about the journey of Indians who head to Gulf countries in the hope of eking out a good living but ends up suffering due to circumstances. Let’s see the storyline.


Storyline: Shiva (Chetan Maddineni) is the son of a weaver (Nagineedu), who lives in Siricilla district. After seeing his friend Raju who leads a posh life in Gulf, Shiva also decides to go Gulf for the purpose of earning money and he forces his father to send him to Gulf.   On his first flight , he happens to meet Lakshmi (Dimple) but when Shiva and  Lakshmi land in Dubai, they receive huge shock. To find out more, watch Gulf on the silver screen.


Plus Points:



Background score



Minus Points:


Slow narration


Performances:  Chetan Maddineni delivers his best but he needs little bit improvement in his performance.  Dimple attracts everyone with her  cute look and performances. Bittiri Satti, Posani Krishna Murali, Nalla Venu and Bhadram evoked few laughs with their comedy scenes.  Santhosh Pawan, Anil kalyan, Pujitha, Surya, Shiva, Jeeva, Prabhas Srinu, Thanikella Bharani, Thotapalli Madhu, Shankara Barnam Rajyalakshmi, Sana, Theertha, Diggy, Mahesh and others performed according to their roles.


Technical: The storyline is simple and predictable. SV.Sriram elevated the scenes with good camera angles. Editing by Samuel Kiran is not up to the mark. The editor should have focus on editing especially in the second half of the film as there are number of dragged scenes that tests the patience of the audiences. Coming on the work of director,  Suneel Kumar Reddy has done good job to give powerful message and offer the  solution to the problems of the immigrants. Production values are good. Praveen Immadi ‘s background score is good. Dialogues are note worthy.


 Analysis: Suneel Kumar Reddy who is popular to make the movies based on  burning issues that are affecting the society attracted the attention of audience  with Gulf. The director tried to highlight the problems of the immigrants adding youthful elements by narrating the story adding romantic angle to it.  The director deserves standing ovation for  his brilliant work as he made a message oriented movie but he took lot of time to establish the character in the first half  and the second half turns emotional and lack the real twists and turns to thrill the audiences.

Gulf  Movie Review


Gulf  Movie Review
Gulf  Movie Review
Gulf  Movie Review
Gulf  Movie Review
Gulf  Movie Review
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