Hey Pillagada Movie Review Hey Pillagada Movie Review

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Hey Pillagada Movie Review

Tollywood | Published:November 24, 2017, 4:28 PM IST | Updated:November 25, 2017, 9:56 AM IST

Hey Pillagada Movie Review

Movie: Hey Pillagada

Director : Sameer Tahir

Producer : D.V. Krishnaswamy

Music Director : Gopi Sundar

Starring : Dulquer Salmaan, Sai Pallavi

Release Date: 24th November 2017

Rate: 2.5/5

Editor Review

Hey Pillagada Movie Review :

Hey Pillagada starring  Fidaa & Premam fame Sai Pallavi and  OK Bangaram fame Dulquer Salmaan, the Telugu version of the Malayalam hit Kali hit theatres today. Let’s see whether it impresses the Telugu audience or not.

Story: Siddharth (Dulquer Salman), is a short tempered guy. He always gets into problems because of this attitude.  He is married to Anjali (Sai Pallavi) whom he met during the college days. Anjali tries her level best to deal with Siddharth short-tempered nature. Meanwhile, on a road trip with his wife Anjali, Siddharth gets into a huge argument with her and lands him in trouble. How he solves his issues forms the crux of the story.


Plus Points:

  • Lead couple's chemistry
  • Dulquer Salmaan  and Sai Pallavi's performances

Minus Points:

  • Slow pace
  • Typical Malayali style narration
  • Climax

Performance: With the perfect mannerisms and body language, Dulquer Salmaan gets into the skin of the character in a splendid way.  He perfectly portrays the emotions of the character, without over-playing it. Sai Pallavi continues to impress with her on screen presence and simplicity of expressions. She has played her role Anjali exceptionally well. The extraordinary on-screen chemistry between Dulquer Salmaan and Sai Pallavi is a treat to watch and the major attraction of the movie. The rest of the star cast including Chemban Vinod, Vinayakan, VK Prakash, Vanitha Krishnachandran, Anjali Aneesh Upasana, etc justify with their role.


Technical: Director Sameer Thahir has completely succeeded in executing the well-written script by Rajesh Gopinadhan. But his typical Malayali style narration may not appeal to the Telugu audience. While the first half is colourful and lively, the second half is dark and intense. Gireesh Gangadharan's cinematography is brilliant as he handled the night shots well. Editing by Vivek Harshan is decent. Gopi Sundar’s music is good  and his background score is impressive. Production values are good.


Analysis: Overall, Hey Pillagada is a simple tale that is engaging and thrilling at the same time. In the first half, we see a man with a quirky personality trying to fit in society by being ‘normal’ and by behaving in a socially acceptable way. In the second half, the narrative changes gear to be in a thriller mode and becomes a road movie. One of the highlights of the movie is the performance of the lead pair, Dulquer Salmaan and Sai Pallavi, and their spectacular chemistry.  Watch it for Dulquer Salmaan and Sai Pallavi. 

Hey Pillagada Movie Review


Hey Pillagada Movie Review
Hey Pillagada Movie Review
Hey Pillagada Movie Review
Hey Pillagada Movie Review
Hey Pillagada Movie Review
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