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Indrasena Movie Review

Tollywood | Published:November 30, 2017, 3:38 PM IST | Updated:December 1, 2017, 10:03 AM IST

Indrasena Movie Review

Movie: Indrasena

Director: G. Srinivasan
Producer: Fatima Vijay Antony, Raadhika Sarathkumar

Production Company: R Studios, Vijay Antony Film Corporation

Music: Vijay Antony

Star Cast: Vijay Antony, Diana Champika, Mahima

Release Date: 30th November 2017

Rate: 3/5

Editor Review

Indrasena Movie Review :

Vijay Antony is back in action with the film  Indrasena which is one of the big releases of the days.  It’s Tamil version is titled as Annadurai. Finally the film has hit the theaters today. Let’s see the storyline.


 Storyline: Indrasena is all about the story of two brothers Indrasena and Rudrasena (Vijay Antony).   When everything seems to be going well in their lives, Indrasena goes to jail on a murder case and further situations changes the life of Rudhrasena. He transforms into a street rowdy. How will Indrasena solve all the major issues and set his family again, form the rest of the story.


 Plus Points:

  • Vijay Antony
  • Characterizations
  • Interval block
  • Action Sequences

Minus Points:

  • Predictable storyline
  • Slow  pace

Performance: Vijay Antony  has given his best performance in  the role of  Indrasena and Rudrasena. Yet again, Vijay proved serious roles are his forte and his screen presence is impressive. The one thing that works for the movie is Vijay Antony’s stone-faced seriousness. But if you’re going into the theatre expecting great subtlety of acting that clearly distinguishes one twin from the other, you’re likely to be disappointed. There are three female leads-Diana Champika, Mahima and Jewel Mary. However, none can be actually said as the proper heroine. They all part of the narrative and come at different points. Radha Ravi is perfectly competent as the villain at the top, and Kaali Venkat makes for a likeable best friend. Rest of the cast performed accordingly.


Technical:  The storyline is simple but interesting and impressive. Dialogues are ok.  Music By Vijay Antony is  good, but there is nothing memorable. The background score is better. The cinematography by Dillraj is fine. The editing  by Vijay Antony is messy. The action sequences are choreographed well. Production values for this limited budget film are ok.

Analysis: G Srinivasan came up with a  very routine story in Indrasena. The Characterization of the male lead is worth mentioning. Indrasena might work for you if you’re a fan of  action drama with plenty of family sentiment.

Indrasena Movie Review


Indrasena Movie Review
Indrasena Movie Review
Indrasena Movie Review
Indrasena Movie Review
Indrasena Movie Review
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