London Babulu Movie Review London Babulu Movie Review

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London Babulu Movie Review

Tollywood | Published:November 17, 2017, 2:17 PM IST | Updated:November 18, 2017, 9:54 AM IST

London Babulu Movie Review

Movie:  London Babulu

Director: B Chinni Krishna

Producer: Maruthi

Banner: Maruthi Talkies

Music: K

Cast: Rakshith, 'Colors' Swathi, Satya, Ali, Satya Krishnan, Dhanraj and others

Rate: 3/5

Editor Review

London Babulu Movie Review :

Swathi aka 'Colors' Swathi, who has carved a niche for herself in Mollywood, is still struggling to score a big hit in Tollywood. Though she had few decent hits like Karthikeya and Swamy Ra Ra, Swathi's career in Telugu isn't going great guns. Now she is coming with London Babulu. The film deals with how an unemployed youth from Antarvedi plans to go abroad and settle in life.


Story:  Gandhi (Rakshith) is a struggling youth to earn big and settle in life. His brother in law (Raja Ravindra) threatens him to divorce his sister if he fails to repay the debt on time. So Gandhi decides to earn money at any cost. He plans to fly London along his friend Panda (Satya Akkala) and comes to the city.  After realizing the lengthy process of Passport and Visa, they decide to take the help of a broker (Jeeva) who misguides and cheat them. To find out whether Gandhi flew to London or not?, What is the connection between Gandhi and TV reporter Suryakantam (Swathi)? one should watch the movie on silver screen.


Plus Points:

  • Colours Swathi’s performance
  • Rakshith’s performance
  • Comedy by Satya
  • Dhanraj
  • Screenplay
  • Direction

Minus Points:

  • Predictable Climax
  • Lack of commercial elements
  • Few drags

Performance: Though a newcomer, Rakshit has done complete justice to his role. He has given terrific performance. His expressions, body languages leave good impacts on the audiences.  He also attracts the viewers with his comic timing. Colors Swathi in the role of TV reporter performs well. She is undoubtedly the main asset for the film. Comedian Satya gets a meaty role and he delivers fantastic performances. Dhanraj is at his emotional best. Ali,  Murali Sharma, Raja Ravindra and others perform according to their roles. 


Technical: The storyline of the movie is impressive. B Chinni Krishna highlighted the problems in the most hilarious manner and the situational comedy became the strong point in the story.  The music by K is good and he elevated the scenes with his background score which is in sync with the situation. Cinematography is the main asset of the film.  The beautiful visuals captured by the camera, are mind-blowing and the major asset of the movie. The nature locations are highlighted that show the creative value of the movie.  Editing could have been better as there are few drags. Production values are good.  


Analysis: Overall London Babulu touches the heart of the audiences. It is a good movie with ample entertainment and message. B Chinni Krishna  becomes successful to impress the audience by his skills,  situational comedy and few sentiment scenes. The love track of Gandhi and Suryakantham is simple yet beautiful.

London Babulu Movie Review


London Babulu Movie Review
London Babulu Movie Review
London Babulu Movie Review
London Babulu Movie Review
London Babulu Movie Review
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