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metro review

Tollywood | Published:November 30, -0001, 12:00 AM HMT | Updated:November 30, -0001, 12:00 AM HMT

metro review

Director            : Ananda Krishnan
Producer          : Suresh Kondeti
Starring           :  Shirish, Bobby Simha, Yogi Babu 
Music               : Johan
Release Date   : 17th March 2017
Rating             : 3/5


metro review :

Metro is crime based thriller drama, directed by Ananda Krishnan, is inspired by real life incidents of chain snatching in the city. It highlights the impact and menace of Chain snatching in the society. Let’s see the story-line.


Story: The movie starts with Adikesav (Shirish), interrogates  a man  who is tied to a chair, demanding the information about gold consignment and then after very authentic sequences about chain snatching gangs. Adikesav  is a writer in a  Telugu magazine,  who works with his friend Kumar (Sendrayan). Adikesav’s father is a retired police officer, his mother (Thulasi) is  a housewife and brother Madhusudhan (Satya) is a college student. Adikesav and his father are not able to afford the extra demand of Madhusudhan, so he takes a drastic step into a crime and gets into trouble over chain-snatching. What will happen next? Form rest of the story.


Plus points:

  • Storyline
  • Concept of the movie

 Minus points

  • Slow narration


Performance:  Bobby Simha as the rogue villain gets less screen space but makes his presence felt with his intense performance.  Sirish steals the show with his neat performance,   in Sentimental scenes with his family and in action scenes, he grabs the attention of the audiences with his fantastic performance. Sathya with his ordinary look, impresses all. Thulasi has given noteworthy performance as the boys’s mother.  Yogi Babu succeeds in tickling the funny bones.  The supporting cast perform accordingly.


Technical: Cinematography by N.S. Udhayakumar is one of the major highlight of Metro. The backdrop is perfectly set. The Music  by Johan is good and sometimes gives a helping hand, especially in the second half of the movie.  Dialogues are meaningful, well written, realistic as well as stylish for each character.   The director Ananda Krishnan needs applause for delivering such type of movie  which is based social awareness. Great research has been put in to perfectly bring to the screens,  the modus operandi of chain snatchers and kudos for the detailing along with  art director. The Telugu dubbing by Nandu and Dhanraj suit the characters well. The production value is impressive and the screenplay is gripping.


 Analysis:  Metro has an  interesting plot and the main aim of the director is  to spread awareness about chain snatching of the women in society.   A small crime  like chain snatching as backdrop and an emotional family drama  weaved in a very interesting way. The chain snatching in common now days and how the chain snatchers targets the ladies and  how this incidents take place have been showcased in a gripping  manner and this  credit goes to director and the performance of its star cast.

metro review


metro review
metro review
metro review
metro review
metro review
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