Unda Leda Movie Review Unda Leda Movie Review

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Unda Leda Movie Review

Tollywood | Published:December 15, 2017, 3:08 PM IST | Updated:December 16, 2017, 4:16 AM IST

Unda Leda Movie Review

Movie: Unda Leda

Director: AV Siva Prasad

Producer: Aitham N Kamal

Banner: Jaya Kamal Arts Banner

Music: Sri Murali Karthikeya

Casting: Rama Krishna, Ankita, Ram Jagan, Jeeva, Sai Kumar, Jhansi and others

Release Date: 15th December 2017

Rating: 3/5

Editor Review

Unda Leda Movie Review :

Story: Unda Leda is the story based on mysterious suicides happening in Raja Harishchandra Prasad Ladies Hostel in Vijayawada. Police Officer (Ram Jagan) is clueless about the mysterious suicides. To find out the mystery, police officer contacts reporter Giri (Sai Kumar) and seeks the help of his friend Raja (Rama Krishna), an aspiring director but he denied supporting the police department but after few days the aspiring director wants to find out the mystery behind the suicides.  What are the reasons behind the suicides? Why did director show his interest on this suicide case? How did he finally solve the mystery? To get these answers, one should watch the movie on silver screen.

Plus Points:

·         Performance

·         Interval Bang

·         Suspense Elements

·         Screenplay, Direction

·         Cinematography

 Minus Points:

·         Editing

·         Few drags

Performances: Ramakrishna who played the main lead, tries to deliver his best. Ankitha did decent job. Sai Kumar attracted with his lively and hilarious performance.  Anchor Jhansi is seen in a good role. Ram Jagan, Jeeva and others evoked interest with their performances.

Technical: The story-line of the film is impressive. The director narrates the story in a very interesting manner.  The screenplay is gripping.  The production values are good. The music by Sri Murali Karthikeya  is  just ok but BGM in the film elevated the scenes taking the film to another level increasing the thrills.  Editing of Manikanth could have been better as there are many drags in the film.   Praveen K Bangari’s Cinematography work is good.  Coming on the work of director AV Siva Prasad, he introduced Hypnotism in the movie and became successful to entertain the audiences.

 Analysis: Director AV Shiva Prasad attracted the audiences with his storyline, screenplay and direction. Except the few drags, the film attracts movie lovers in a decent manner. Try this film, this weekend and you will not be disappointed.

Unda Leda Movie Review


Unda Leda Movie Review
Unda Leda Movie Review
Unda Leda Movie Review
Unda Leda Movie Review
Unda Leda Movie Review
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