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Viral pic! For the love of GO(L)D

Saturday August 12th 2017

A real estate broker from Bangalore offered a huge sum of money in an attempt to please god and lands himself in trouble. The man identified as K Suryanarayana celebrated Varalakshmi Vratam at his home to seek blessings from goddess Varalakshmi and offered Rs 88 lakh cash along with pots of gold. The photos captured Suryanarayana and his wife offering huge amount of cash and gold during the pooja is going viral on social media. According to a report, the broker used 1.23 kg of gold to decorate his ‘pooja ghar’.


And in all excitement, Suryanarayana posted the mind boggling pictures of the festivity online. Alas, it went viral and now people are questioning Suryanarayana’s source of income and urging for a probe. The photos are doing rounds online and are also being widely circulated on WhatsApp. His  photos have sparked several  controversies as people wonder how he escaped income tax raids.


Suryanarayana, the son of an auto driver claims everything in the photos is his “hard-earned” income. He also said, he has paid Rs 13 lakh tax this year against his Rs 15 crore assets.


The real estate broker Suryanarayana also expressed his regret for having posted photographs of the pooja at his place, saying that it 'put him in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons'.