bigg boss: sameer trolled for hugging female participants

bigg boss: sameer trolled for hugging female participants

Tollywood | Published:July 17, 2017, 12:00 AM IST

Actor Sameer who is one of the contestant of Young tiger Jr. NTR’s reality show Bigg Boss Telugu, has been trolled for hugging the female participants on the first episode of TV show  on  Sunday.


Sameer, is one of most popular character artistes, was the second participant to enter the house, while Archana aka Veda Sastry made it first. Sameer surprised  viewers and all the other contestants who entered the house of Bigg Boss by his act. He  was seen hugging all the female  participants, while he seemed to be least impressed with  the male contestants.  It is not yet clear whether Sameer did  it intentionally  to  make the headlines or he has such type of bad habits. This strange behaviour of Sameer on the first episode of Bigg Boss Telugu did not go well with some audiences, they took to Twitter to condemn and troll him.


Black Sheep‏ (RGVism) tweeted: Samir trying to hug lady contestants #BiggBossTelugu


Suresh babu‏ (@ursureshb) tweeted: "#BiggBossTelugu e samir gadu dorikindi chance anee prathi danee ke huge lu echastunadu."


‏RacchaRidhvik (@RacchaRidhvik) tweeted: "Side actor sameer receiving fellow contestants in #BiggBossTelugu."


It is heard that the Telugu viewers are not happy with the selection of participants. Some viewers feel there is no variety in the selection and most of the names of participants don't evoke interest. Many took to social media to share their disappointment over some participants.