keshava movie review by audience keshava movie review by audience

keshava movie review by audience

Tollywood | Published:May 19, 2017, 12:00 AM IST

Director Sudheer Varma's  action and mystery thriller drama Keshava with a tagline - "Revenge is a dish, best served cold” starring Nikhil Siddharth and Ritu Varma, has  hit the theaters today on 19th May and  receiving positive reviews from the audience. The dialogues of Keshava are penned by Krishna Chaitanya and Arjun Carthyk, it is produced by Abhishek Nama under his banner Abhishek Pictures.

Keshava is a revenge drama and all about  the story of a Brahmin student (Nikhil Siddharth) who wants to take the revenge. He suffers from a rare heart condition Dextrocardia, he has to  control his anger and keep his emotion under control to stay alive. The twist arise in the story when a man, without any fear, murders two of the cops.  In order to investigate the sudden deaths of the two police officers, Special Investigation Officer Sharmila Mishra (Isha Koppikar) steps in. How he manage to take revenge, form the crux of the story.

The  intense and emotional scenes,  twists and surprises keep the movie lovers engaged throughout the movie. But the slow pace in the second half and lack of enough comedy elements may disappoint few audiences. The movie has decent Production value. The background score by MR Sunny is one of the biggest attractions. Visuals, action choreography and punched dialogues are highlighted.

The live update of Keshava movie review by audience:

Santosh Pogaru‏ @santhoshrpogaru:  #keshava rachcha rachcha direction. Vere level Telugu cinema. ?? #keshava Mada forest locations adiripoyayi. Apocalypse Now location s la unnay. #keshava Isha Koppikar reminded me of PrakashRaj in Athadu but hotter.

Gopal Alapati‏ @gopal_alapati : First Half aindi.. good so far. Comedy kuda ba work out aindi.. Student ga @vennelakishore #Keshava @sudheerkvarma After a Good first half, Second half was a disappointment. #Keshava.

HarRish vadlamudi‏ @vadlamudih:  @vennelakishore done with #Keshava. U did well.. next time don't forget helmet. Super#acting @actor_Nikhil @sudheerkvarma one more different script. Nice movie.. you killed it #Keshava.. waiting for next chapter.

Varun Kilaru‏ @varunkilaru:  #keshava - Good screenplay but d choice of style over emotion makes one nonchalant.. Sad! Rithu and Kishore Nikhil - Cinematography.

Sandeep b‏ @SandeepBhumula:  @actor_Nikhil Nice plot ..1st half is too good .. worth 15$.. #bgm is a huge plus .. #KeshavaOnMay19th Kudos to #Keshava team..sure a hit.

Aditya Musunuri‏ @Aditya_nam9: @actor_Nikhil Just watched #Keshava in NJ, definitely a good movie, dir handled the script well. Plz keep picking up good scripts.

B Abhishek‏ @maverix111: First half done ..too try hard and amateurish ..slow-mo shots galore too ..thanda hain yeh #Keshava.

Ruthvik Rao‏ @Ruthvik_Rao: #Keshava 1 Time Watchable, Decent Movie With 1 Nenokadine Twist , No Wow Factor n Not Boring Either.

Deepak‏ @deepuzoomout: Super duper intense with brilliant cinematography & terrific score. To the point. Very well directed & Acted #Keshava 1st half @actor_Nikhil.

SUNNY REDDY‏ @SUNNYNANNURI: #keshava what a movie terrific from starting to more block buster for @actor_Nikhil !!

Praneet Mysore‏ @PeterSynamore: @actor_Nikhil Stellar performance! Kudos to your choice of scripts. Could see perfection in how you enacted such a challenging role :)

saee‏ @saeekoundinya: Ultimate revenge drama #Keshava @sudheerkvarma @actor_Nikhil @riturv. Extraordinary bgm and visuals.

sridharvarma‏ @sridhar6006: @actor_Nikhil excite ina bayapadina chanipotharu but still miru chupinchina intensityterrific 1st half#Keshava

keshava movie review by audience


keshava movie review by audience
keshava movie review by audience
keshava movie review by audience
keshava movie review by audience
keshava movie review by audience