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salman’s help for child’s liver transplant

Sunday June 18th 2017

Bollywood’s Bhaijaan, Salman Khan aids a  two years old child who suffered from liver ailment. Salman’s charitable organization Being Human has been helping  the people of every kind, especially children.


Yadnya was perfectly healthy baby till he was eight-month-old. Later his stomach started swelling and doctors could not give a definitive diagnosis. Now, two- year-old Yadnya is about to undergo liver transplant surgery on 18th July at Apollo Hospital in Mumbai. Yadnya’s mother, Madhura Awar, is donating 30% of her liver to give him a new lease of life. There was no difficulty  in finding the donor for kid but financial condition posed a major concern in this case. The family which  was trying to collect required amount for the surgery, received aid of Rs 2 lakh from Salman Khan’s Being Human organization. Tata trust and Maharashtra CM relief fund also helped the family financially.


According to Yadnya’s father, he first approached Being Human- charitable organization, and he was expecting to get sum of Rs 1 lakh but he got Rs 2 lakh. He  also got around 5 lakh from Tata Charitable Trust, and around 3 lakh from Chief Minister’s trust.