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2.0 Movie Live Update

2.0 Movie Live Update2.0 Movie live updatesRajinikanth, who was last seen in gangster drama Kaala, is back! His sci-fi drama 2.0 (2point0), directed by Shankar and produced by Lyca Productions, has hit the theaters today on 29th November 2018.


2.0 movie (2point0 movie) also  features Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson.

2.0 movie (2point0 movie)  had some premiere shows in the US on 28th November 2018. The movie is getting positive reviews from the overseas centres.

2.0 Movie Live Update (2point0 movie Live Update) : We bring you some viewers’ verdict shared on the film shared on Twitter.

Taran Adarsh: #OneWordReview:- ALL- TIME-BLOCKBUSTER
@shankarshanmugh’s #2Point0 Impresses the Audience With Spectacular VFX. The Movie ensures the one of the Best Climax of Indian Cinema.
Rating :- ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️½
Congratulations @rajinikanth @akshaykumar

Film Buff Mani‏ @FilmBuffMani : #2Point0 Stunning 1st half. Gripping narrative. Crisp I can see this turning into a MEGA BLOCKBUSTER. @shankarshanmugh is a MASTER CRAFTSMAN with a HUGE VISION #THALAIVAR in form

Samantha‏ @SamanthaJoGoes: At interval for #2Point0 and I have never seen this level of effects outside of Hollywood so so so impressed

Sushanth Nallapareddy‏ @sushanthreddy : Fast paced first half… Shankar jumps into plot right away. Mind blowing visual effects… #2Point0

Anil‏ @_Anil9999 : Excellent 1st half reports from early morning shows. Indian cinema way to go! #2Point0

SPARTAN™‏ @Immuraliraj : Electrifying roars. Just to witness one man @rajinikanth gonna be a awesome 3D experience… #2point0

RBSI RAJINI FAN PAGE‏ @RBSIRAJINI : #2point0 second half jet speed. Feels like climax. Chitti is ruling. Whatta screenplay @shankarshanmugh sir therika vitrukeenga. Thalaivaa @rajinikanth neenga pata kastam naanga Elam kaneeroda enjoy panrom. @arrahman sir bgm goosebumps… Brb watching @aditi1231 @LycaProductions

rajesh raj‏ @Rajesh___007 : First half to show shankar is a marvelous Director. Second Half is to show Shankar is a brilliant brainy director. Shankar Rajini combo strikes big.superstar Rajini sir is the only capable man to bring all these efforts of shankar on screen with his style….Unstoppable #2point0

Tamil Censor‏ @TamilCensor : #2Point0 First Half : ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING..!! This is probably the Best 60 Minutes in the History of Indian Cinema..! S-P-E-E-C-H-L-E-S-S Just two words : Thank you @shankarshanmugh sir

rajesh raj‏ @Rajesh___007 : I think director shankar knowingly provided only few scenes for the first half to make sure second half end up on a high note. #2point0

Chandru‏ @lucid199677 : His intro had so much build up He gave terrific intro which was pre interval and interval bang He will rock in 2nd half Don’t bark without watching the movie . #2Point0

Karthik 2.0‏ @KarthikVNR : Second half vera level la pogudhu. Rajini vs Akshay scenes are pure goosebumps. #2Point0

Christopher chowdary: Let downs
1st half is flat
Scenes between Amy and robo are boring
Vfx looks pale sometimes
Game is on when 2.0 enters
Last 45 mins
Old Shankar is back
Fantastic screenplay
High moments action wise
With emotional story
Totally uplifts the movie to another level
Rajini sir will slay the box office
Top moments
1.Akshay Kumar transformation
2.chitti robo 2.0 confrontation scene with Akshay Kumar
3.humainod robo scene
4.flash back scenes
5.climax is superb

Robot 2.O‏ @anshd42 : Initial first half reviews are out for #2point0 n its the best movie with extra ordinary visual treat


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