Aadai / Aame Movie Review

Aadai Aame Movie Review
Aadai Aame Movie Review

Cast & Crew:

Movie Review: Aadai / Aame
Director: Rathna Kumar
Producer: Viji Subramaniyan
Banner: V Studios
Music : Pradeep Kumar
Starring: Amala Paul, Ramya Subramanian, Sriranjini, Adiraj, Vivek Prasanna
Release Date: 19th July 2019
Rating:  3/5

Aadai / Aame Movie Review: The bold actress Amala Paul attempted something that she had never done before nor imagined. Aadai is directed by Rathna Kumar of Meyaadha Maan fame. Apart from Amala Paul, the film also has Bijili Ramesh, Vivek Prasanna and Sarithran in supporting roles. Let’s see the story of Aadai.

Story: Aadai is all about the story of weird, selfish and care-free girl Kamini (Amala Paul), who gets the shock of her life when she finds herself naked in a building. What happens next, form rest of the story.

Plus Points:

  • Story
  • Amala Paul
  • Screenplay
  • Social message
  • Cinematography
  • Climax
  • Direction

 Minus Points:

  • Forced comedy

Performance: Aadai is totally Amala Paul’ film.  The bold actress is ideally suited for the role. Aadai will count as one of Amala Paul’ best films in her filmography.  She is at her best with great performance. One of the most surprising aspects of Aadai is the cameo of Bijili Ramesh, who shines with potential. Sriranjini in the role of mother is good. Rest of the cast perform accordingly.

Technical: The Story of Aadai is very interesting.  It is told by astoryteller with a perfect understanding of the talent and technology. Screenplay is good. Background music is brilliant. The music speaks volumes of the film Aadai’ unusual nature. The soundtrack is mix of alternative rock, melody and a devotional track. Art direction is first-rate.  Editing is smooth. Production values of this film are extravagant.  The  cinematography  is noteworthy. DOP Vijay Karthik Kannan must be appreciated for showcasing his heroine Amala Apaul with utmost dignity.

Analysis: What makes Aadai universal is the film’s basic conceit, that taps into a human being’ general fear for nakedness. Aadai has a lot of tense moments that are punctuated by humour. Coming on the work of  director Rathna Kumar, he  displays a lot of sensitivity whilst portraying the n*dity. Amala Paul executes this task of shouldering the film’s intensity.  Aadai is a bold effort and it ends with a thought provoking message . Aadai  touches upon many points like feminism , misuse of freedom, meetoo.

Aame Movie Review
Aame Movie Review