Actress Aamani about Casting Couch

Actress Aamani about Casting Couch

Aamani opened up about Casting couch in her recent media interaction. The entire entertainment industry is currently discussing about the casting couch issue. It is known news that controversial actress Sri Reddy is fighting against casting couch and sexual harassment in Telugu Film Industry. She recently claimed that heroines must give commitments to the producers and directors to earn survival in the film industry. Due to Sri Reddy’s stripping act, many biggies are coming out to give their opinions about casting couch. In the past, several actresses have exposed the ugly reality of casting couch. Aamani who is popular for supporting roles in Telugu Movies, also responded on the sensational casting couch issue in an interview.

Aamani said, “I faced casting couch in the initial days of my career. I used to get phone calls from new production companies asking me to visit their guest house without accompanying my mother.” The actress said that she used to understand their intention immediately.

 Aamani added that she never faced casting couch issue from reputed and senior directors.   The actress clarified that she faced casting couch issue majorly from the new producers.

To a question, Aamani admitted that importance will be less when playing character roles compared to a heroine. Returning to acting after taking a break, Aamani claimed her husband and in-laws resisted her.

On the work front, Aamani said she took a sudden break from movies when she was busy in Tollywood and got married. She first appeared in a lead role opposite Naresh in the film Jamba Lakidi Pamba, directed by E. V. V. Satyanarayana, which was blockbuster at the box office.

Aamani starred in Mister Pellam directed by Bapu, which won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Telugu. She made re entry in Tollywood with IPC section Bharya Bandhu.