Adah Sharma goes n*de

Adah Sharma is all set to star in a comedy film on s*x reassignment surgery. The actress is pretty thrilled about playing a man in movie Man to Man. According to the latest update, the story of Man To Man revolves around actor Naveen Kasturia’s character falling in love and marrying Adah’s character and later realizing that she was biologically a man, who became a woman after going through a s*x reassignment surgery. Today afternoon, Adah Sharma took to her Instagram to share her bold pic. Coming on the pic, Adah Sharma wore nothing, she is n*ude. She has covered her modesty by her hairs. She is seen with mustaches.

Adah Sharma captioned the pic, “So…AM I THE MAN OF YOUR DREAMS ? MAN TO MAN – my next film .When I started out as an actress I never imagined I would end up playing a man ….but here I am, starring in a never seen before romantic comedy….a unique love story …. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination .”

Recently during the media interaction, Adah Sharma talked about her character in Man to Man and said, “I try to pick different characters from my debut ‘1920’ to ‘Commando 2’ and ‘Commando 3’. This is the first time I am playing a guy.” The actor Naveen Kasturia said, “Man To Man is a very different and an interesting take on the burning issue of gender acceptance.” The movie is written and directed by Abir Sengupta.

On the other-side, in Tollywood Adah Sharma will be seen in upcoming movie Kalki in which Dr Rajasekhar is playing the lead role.