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Agora Getup Joins Tollywood Heroes!

Agora Getup Joins Tollywood Heroes
Agora Getup Joins Tollywood Heroes

Agora Power is now seen in Tollywood. Nandamuri Balakrishna turns into Agora with the movie ‘Akhanda’ and plays Shivatandavam on the silver screen. Tollywood is now fed up with the versatility shown by Balayya as Agora. However, Balayya was not the first actor to see Agora in Tollywood. Some people have played some of those roles before. And did they give them success?

*  The movie ‘Sri Manjunatha’ starring Chiranjeevi as Shiva. At a crucial moment in the film, Chiranjeevi appears as Agora. Chiranjeevi arrives at the getaway for Arjun, who plays a devotee.

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* The movie ‘Nagavalli’ is a sequel to the movie ‘Chandramukhi’. Venkatesh shined in the role of Agora on one occasion in this film. P. Vasu is the director of this film.

* Nagarjuna played the role of Agora in the movie ‘Dhamarakam’. Directed by Srinivasa Reddy, the film stars Nag as Agora for a while. In it Prakash Raj appears in the role of Shiva.

* Arya had earlier appeared in a similar role in the film ‘Nenu Devunni’. This is the character who took the movie to an unexpected high.

* Young actor Vishwak Sen is also in the works now looking awful. Information that Vishwaksena will be seen in a similar role in his next film.

These are the movies where star heroes and young heroes look awful. Of these, ‘Akhanda’ was the only one to receive huge success. The rest of the Star Heroes movies did not do as well as hoped. ‘I am God’ was praised by critics. So it is arguable that intoxicants of choice runs the taste in Indian cuisine.

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