Ajit Agarkar says Rishabh was put under hefty pressure

Ajit Agarkar
Ajit Agarkar

Once upon a time, Indian bowler Ajit Agarkar believes that the current young wicketkeeper Rishabh Pant has been bearing hefty pressure and further said that Shreyas Iyer should step in before the Rishabh takes off some pressure from his shoulders.

Speaking to the press conference, Ajit Agarkar said that “I cannot believe that there is so much talk around a guy who has two Test hundreds away from India and who can play impactful innings. T20 can sometimes get you into trouble because you have to play shots and the ball was there to be hit, only the execution was not probably to what he would have liked.”

When questioned on the dilemma situation of position 4, Ajit spoke his mind saying, people have to decide what they are expecting from him, whether a player four batsman who plays through innings or an impactful player. He further questioned all saying, “you are ready for those sorts of dismissals? But there is too much talk about it.”

Further, Ajith suggested as the team could consider Shreyas Iyer can be pitched in the fourth position and Pant could be dropped down the order so that he could play freely. Ajith also said India has imposed some unneeded pressure on him who is too young to handle and hinted that Pant has the capability to win games for India.