Amala Paul about Sexual harassment: I was treated like a s*x object

Amala Paul about Sexual harassment I was treated like a sx object

After several Indian film celebrities opened up about the sexual harassment they faced in the  Film industry, now, South beauty Amala Paul also opened about one such incident she faced. Recently she filed a police complained  against a businessman for talking to her in an inappropriate manner in her private space.   She alleged that the man in question approached her and spoke like “he was conducting a sexual trade, for a favour.” The incident took place when  the actress was practicing for her upcoming show in Mayalaisa.

According to Amala, his name is Azhagesan and he sexually harassed her. Amala spoke to media about him and said, “When I had gone to do dance rehearsal, a man spoke to me unpleasantly, like he was conducting a trade. He spoke to me personally when I was alone inside. I was very shocked and humiliated. That’s  the main reason I immediately came to complain to the police station.”

The actress also thanked the chief of Tamil Nadu Producers’ Council and actor Vishal for extending his support. She wrote on the wall of Twitter, “Thank you Vishal for standing by me and assuring me that I must not let it go, and I didn’t, now I believe it’s every woman’s duty, to not let it go and stand for themselves. He was ready to trade me off like a meatloaf, his guts make me sick, his existence makes me sick #MeToo.”