Anasuya Bharadwaj not ready to sacrifices for Bigg Boss 3 Telugu

Anasuya Bharadwaj
Anasuya Bharadwaj

The anchor turned actress Anasuya Bharadwaj is currently busy in the promotional activities of her upcoming movie Kathanam. Recently she attended an interview and spoke about her upcoming projects. Anasuya also confirmed the news that she was approached by the organizers of Bigg Boss 3 Telugu but she rejected the offer.

In a latest interview while promoting, Kathanam, Anasuya revealed that she was indeed approached by the Bigg Boss 3 Telugu organizers, but she had to politely turn down the offer. Anasuya Bharadwaj also revealed that why did she say no to the popular reality game show Bigg Boss 3 Telugu.

Anasuya Bharadwaj said, “Participating in Bigg Boss means she has to be away from her family for a long time. It’s a huge sacrifice.” She added, “ I can’t do such sacrifices and stay away from my family for such a long time. “

It is known news that Telugu actress Gayathri Gupta had filed a case against show organiser Abhishek. She revealed that Abhishek, Ravikanth and Raghu visited her at home to discuss the show, where they asked “How would you manage 100 days without s*x in Bigg Boss house. She has also said that Abhishek asked her what she could do in order to impress the “boss”. Journalist Swetha Reddy has also filed complaint against the organizers of Bigg Boss 3 Telugu, She had alleged that the Bigg Boss team had fat-shamed her and asked her what she could in order to satisfy the boss.

But according to Anusuya Bharadwaj, as she was not ready to leave her family for a long time, she rejected the offer from Bigg Boss 3 Telugu organizers.