Anchor Syamala: My husband saved me from P**n Clip

Anchor Syamala My husband saved me from Pn Clip

Anchor Syamala made her mark in Telugu television with her own talent. She  is popular in small screen as well as in big screen. She is active in anchoring, Television serials and she has also acted in few movies like Loukyam and Oka Laila Kosam. Number of  top anchors like Anasuya Bharadwaj and Rashmi Gautham are popular for their glamour avatars but Syamala is known for her traditional attire.

Recently during the media interaction, Syamala opened up about a sad  incident  while talking about Social media.  She said, “ Social media plays very important role  in the life of a person.  It connect people who are miles apart.” She also shared her personal experience and said, “Once someone morphed my photograph by replacing a porn actress face with mine and added me  on porn sites. I was not aware of that. One day when my husband told me that I am added in a blue  film, then I came to know about it. That incident hurt me a lot. Later my husband contacted to the website people and asked to remove my pic. As my hubby belongs to TV Industry, he did not care about this fake clip and ignored it.”  She further said, “But  what if my husband doesn’t belong to the TV industry and misunderstands the situation?”