Another S*xual abuse: Ganesh Acharya threw her on bed for S*x

Another Sxual abuse  Ganesh Acharya threw her on bed for Sx
Another Sxual abuse Ganesh Acharya threw her on bed for Sx

Once again the Bollywood Choreographer Ganesh Acharya,  who is also the General Secretary of the Indian Film and Television Choreographers Association is in trouble.  Recently we have reported that a woman filed a case against Ganesh Acharya at the Women’s Commission and the Amboli police station in Maharashtra. She has accused Ganesh Acharya of depriving her of work and forcing her to watch adult videos. Now according to the latest update, another woman has come forward against choreographer Ganesh Acharya and complained to the National Commission for Women accusing him of s*xual assault.

The lady who has filed a complaint against Ganesh Acharya happens to be a senior background dancer. She approached the National Commission for Women.  The sources revealed that when the woman saw a previous FIR against Choreographer Ganesh Acharya, she decided to speak up.

The woman said that it first started when she was just 18. Ganesh Acharya had invited her over to learn Jive. His assistant picked her from her residence and dropped her off at a hotel room, instead of the dance classes, leaving her alone with Ganesh Acharya. The woman clarified that on the pretext of teaching her dance skills, he started to touch her inappropriately and even threw her on the bed.

The woman further said, Ganesh Acharya kept running his hands over her body, until she said she was on her period. After hearing this, he got off of her and she finally left the hotel.