Apoorva name on dating Website, accused arrested

Apoorva name on dating Website, accused arrestedApoorva has lodged a complaint with Cyber Crime Cell over morphed photographs.  Actress Apoorva alleged that her pic was uploaded on a dating website and she was tagged as call girl.

Apoorva has filed a complaint on dating website called ‘Locanto’, alleging that her photo was uploaded on the website and Rs. 40 thousand has been tagged as her rate for s*x encounter.  She requested  to take action against the people who have uploaded morphed photos of hers. The Cyber Crime Police registered a complaint against unidentified persons under the IT Act and arrested the accused on Thursday.

 The sources say that Apoorva was shocked after seeing her photographs on dating website and later she filed  a complaint at Cyber Crime of Hyderabad. After the investigation,  the police arrested a person named Ganesh.  The police has also found Rs 2 Lakhs cash. Ganesh hails from Karimnagar and he  works as a lecturer in Junior College.

Ganesh posted the photographs of several Tollywood actresses on an online classified network, tagged them as call girls. His website is promoting the actresses as call girls.

Apoorva said, Ganesh provided a rate card, ranging between Rs 40,000 and Rs 60,000, for the escort services and gave his mobile number. Ganesh asked the clients to first deposit money into his account to avail the services. After the money was credited, Genesh disconnected from them.  Though  several men got conned to the tune of Rs 1.8 lakh, none of them complained to police against  Ganesh.

During the investigation, Ganesh said to the police that he had suffered losses in business and he wanted to recoup it. Police has seized his mobile phone but  the police found that Ganesh had damaged his SIM.

Apoorva is well known  face for Telugu audiences as she has been the part of few Telugu movies.   Apoorva was also in the support of Controversial actress Sri Reddy, when she started  fight against casting couch in the industry. Recently Apoorva was also in news headlines, when she showered praises on Young Tiger Jr NTR in an interview.

Apoorva said it is difficult to trust anybody in this modern world.  She opened up about the  a prostitution racket, which was running by Tollywood producer in Chicago. (Also ReadL http://www.tollywood.net/tollywood-sx-racket-busted-in-chicago-usa/).  Apoorva has alleged the  Telugu film industry does not react to such issue immediately unlike in other professions. Apoorva  has appealed the film industry people to react towards such incidents.

Apoorva has thanked the Cybercrime police officials for cracking the prostitution racket and nabbing the culprit.