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Audience enjoying Sumanth borra and Venkatesh Vuppala album songs


The current young generation is constantly proving their talent through social media networks. Today let us know about our Telugu youths who overcame criticism and became small-screen celebrities at a very young age. Yesudas, SP Balu, KS Chitra, Susheela are all known to have given life to music. They have been an inspiration to the youth for decades. Today’s young stars like Sumanth Borra and Venkatesh Vuppala belong to the same category. One person is inspired by SP Balu, while another is inspired by his father, making the audience excited. Not only that, but Aditya music, who has emerged in the music world, is also in queue for the young talent, so we can understand that talent is there like honeycomb. Sumanth Borra’s song, while Venkatesh Vuppal’s music is entertaining, is currently trending on YouTube with millions of views.

1) Tell us about your background in life?

Sumanth Borra and I have been working since the beginning, both of us came into the industry with the passion to provide good songs to the audience along with the music. That passion of ours gave us a lot of energy. So, we never found it difficult to move forward with the single principle of Never Give Up. That is why many audiences support us today. Even during our holidays, there was a temptation to release a song without being free. Whatever we did, we did it happily. That is why we are feeling so happy today.

2) Sumanth Borra How did you two get together?

When I was studying at a lovely professional university in Punjab, Venkatesh Vuppala was two years my senior and he encouraged me so much in music. In that too, we have done many performances on the stage and actively participated in the events held in the college. The vice chancellor of the university also appreciated us after seeing the programs we do. That is how our journey started.

3) Do you both have the support of your parents for choosing the film industry as a career?

Both our parents were also told that there will be no success and growth if we go into this. But we slowly sang like this. With that, the encouragement from the family as well as the audience that we are trying something new has given us a lot of courage. We want this support to remain the same.

4) Sumanth Borra, tell us about the heyday of your songs?

Any genre of song in the content we do may be melody or folk song. Our main intention is to compose in a way that the audience likes and leave the song as a signature in the audience, setting the trend in such a way that everyone sings that song.

5) Venkatesh Uppala, tell us about your stint as a music director?

My father’s name was Vuppala Srinivas who was very fond of music. Like my father, I have been fond and interested in music since childhood. As a hobby at home, father used to play the keyboard occasionally. He taught keyboard classes until he went to college. But that interest did not come. I got attracted to guitar in college. I used to practice nights where I didn’t borrow a guitar from a common friend Degara. I used to learn the basics of guitar and play songs in one month. That’s how my interest went to the music band. There was no looking back from there.

6) Are you working as a music director, singer, and lyricist at the same time? How are you allocating so much time?

Why I am devoting so much time is because if a normal person is told to do something good, they will not pay attention to it. But if you say it with emotion through music, the message will reach them very easily. Our main motto is to forward this to everyone.

7) Happiest event in life for both of you?
At the time when the two were discussing how to release the song “Ela Mari Ika Rawa” in 2019, Aditya Music felt very happy after seeing our song visuals and composition and encouraged us to release this song. From that day till today, bring anything to us, we will support, they said. So, we released the music of “Ela Mari Ika Rawa”. It also went trending on YouTube. The song was appreciated by the audience. Also, the song “Malli Padipoya” also got a good response.

8) What is the best compliment you two have ever received?

However, the song “Ela Mari Ika Rawa” was released by the directors Mehr Ramesh and Dipu Gar, while the song “Padipoya” was released by Geeta Bhaskar and Tarun Bhaskar’s mother and Raj Kandukuri and others gave a lot of praise. Recently, a short film related to patriotism was premiered in our combination directed by Tallada Sai, in which we composed and released the title song “Nuvve Oka Sainyam”. The people in the theater were very appreciative of that. After seeing them, many channels broadcasted about us. Many more newspapers have written about us both.

9) Are you two going to plan anything together in future?

Sumanth Borra and I, independent music releases all kinds of songs with good themes along with commercial songs. “Adiye veduka” song, a farmer can connect song, “nuvve oka sainyam” song, “maya chesave” song and many more amazing songs we are going to bring you through independent music. All of them are sure to be crowd pleasers. Whatever we do, we hope to have songs in independent music that have a signature moment in a unique style.

10) Tell us about the awards you both received?

We started our journey with the first song ‘Ela Mari Ika Rawa’. This song was released by the directors Mehar Ramesh and Deepu. Aditya Music came forward and presented this song in 2019 after liking this song. With that, this song also got a lot of audience support. After that we released the song today. Also, it is an incredibly happy thing that we got first time platinum award from Telugu in IFP (Indian Film Project Level) competition. Also, we will entertain everyone with our upcoming song “Veduka Kanaro Maa inta” ilage maya chesave”, “nuvve oka sainyam” and many more.

We thought one of us would settle down in the industry, but both of us are very happy that we got that chance. Apart from this, the composition lyrics are written for three more songs. Along with this, an agreement was made with Aditya Music to make 7 songs.

11) Venkatesh Vuppala, Sumanth Borra Finally in your words about Kalamatalli?

Money can be made in any way in this world. But we don’t know whether happiness comes with money or not, but we are doing it with passion. The joy that comes when the audience encourages the songs, we do in the form of comments is not normal. That’s why we must fulfill our dreams and never stop trying to reach our destination no matter what the obstacles are. In the same way, giving proper respect to Kalamatalli and doing the work that needs to be done, we automatically get proper recognition. We believe from the beginning that our trouble is not in vain.


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