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B Town actress assaults by a doctor

B Town actress assaults by a doctor
B Town actress assaults by a doctor

Neena Gupta is a popular name in Hindi Film Industry. She is an actress who doesn’t shy away from telling things as it is.  Neena is known now for breaking stereotypes and grabbing headlines for many things. Recently Neena Gupta recalled instances where she was molested as a kid and not talking about it to her mother.

B town actress Neena Gupta’  account of being molested as a young girl has struck a chord with the Internet; an excerpt from her autobiography in which she details the experience is going viral – the book, titled Sach Kahun Toh, released in the month of June. In the passage,  Neena Gupta revealed about being molested by a doctor and a tailor.

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She was scared but decided to not reveal her mother for fear that she would be told it was her fault in this.   In her book, Neena Gupta said that young women such as her chose not to reveal the assault because it would mean the loss of the little freedom they had.

Neena Gupta revealed, “I went to the doctor with my brother for the treatment for an eye infection. He told my brother to stay in the waiting room and he started checking my eyes. The doctor started laying his hand on the other parts after a while.” About the tailor, Neena Gupta said that he got too handy while taking her measurements.

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