Balakrishna doesn’t need a Padma Shri

Balakrishna doesn't need a Padma Shri
Balakrishna doesn’t need a Padma Shri

Yesterday on the occasion of Nandamuri Balakrishna’ birthday, the celebrities from Telugu film industry and Nandamuri fans sent the birthday wishes via social media sites.  Young Tiger Jr NTR, Kalyan Ram, Sree Vishnu, Chiranjeevi, Gopichand Malineni and many others wished the Nandamuri Stalwart a happy birthday. The controversial Telugu actress Sri Reddy has showered her praises on Nandamuri Balakrishna and made sensational comments on Mega family.

 Sri Reddy said, “Nandamuri Balakrishna hits his fans only on cheeks rather than the mega family who hits their fans on stomach.” The controversial actress targeted mega family by getting the support of Balakrishna well wishers and fans!

Sri Reddy also said, “Balakrishna doesn’t need a Padma Shri as his smile is the biggest award. She also added that Balayya Babu hits on the face of fans ‘out of love’ but not Mega family  takes the bread out of people’s mouths.” The fans of  Balakrishna are happy with Sri Reddy’ straight forward comment on their favorite star.

Sri Reddy has accumulated a lot of attention in the Telugu states with her accusations on the sexual exploitation of female actors in Telugu film Industry. In the past Sri Reddy had said about Chiranjeevi, “There is no generosity aspect in Chiranjeevi as he never facilitates budding artists nor organises something special to encourage them.”