Balakrishna’s new decision on Boyapati’s film

Balakrishna's new decision on Boyapati's film
Balakrishna’s new decision on Boyapati’s film

After scoring three disasters in a row, Nandamuri Balakrishna is looking for a solid comeback in his career. For this he has teamed up with his favourite director Boyapati Srinu with whom he scored two block busters Simha and Legend. Their third collaboration is currently untitled and Monarch is the title under consideration.

The film has completed single schedule so far and then had to be halted due to corona virus outbreak. With Telangana government giving permissions for shootings, Boyapati Srinu is making plans to start the shoot from August. In the lockdown period, Boyapati has fine tuned his script and is said that he has made few changes for its betterment.

However with coronavirus not slowing down and cases are increasing day by day, Balakrishna has now took a harsh but crucial decisions, says sources. It is said that Balayya has asked director Boyapati Srinu not to start shooting until next year. He doesn’t want to risk the lives of his cast and crew it seems. In his recent interviews too Balayya hinted that there will not be any shootings happening in near time.

We have to wait and see what will happen.