Ban on News channel put on Hold! What are the reasons behind it?

Ban on News channel put on Hold! What are the reasons behind it?It is known news that number of celebrities like Naga  Babu, Allu Aravind, Suresh Babu, Chiranjeevi and others conducted meeting and decided to impose  ban on  the selected news channels- TV9, TV5, ABN and Mahaa. Later it was heard that they have taken final decision and the above channels will be banned from 2nd May  and no any promotional content will be given to these channels but  according to the latest report, Mega brother Naga Babu has rubbished this news and said, “It is just speculation and the decision has been kept on hold as of now.” Naga Babu is also very upset as some of the  media channels and web portals are spreading negative words  about  Allu Arjun’s upcoming movie Naa Peru Surya.

 Everyone is curious to know why  Telugu Film Industry f hold back on its decision. The sources say that Allan Narayana and Kranthi from journalist unions met  Suresh Babu, Tammareddy, Mega producer Allu Aravind and KL Narayana, and discussed about  this topic.  Later celebs who represented TFI  assured them that  there is no ban on news media.  But what did they discuss? Why did TFI rubbish the news of ban on selected news Channels? It seems the journalist that represented the media clarified that when Sri Reddy abused Jana Sena President and showed her middle finger to him, the media channels  tried to maintain distance from her and stopped inviting her to any debates. Though the news channels discussed on the topic of casting couch but the channels never tried to give it a political twist.

 It is also heard that journalist also questioned Tollywood biggies, instead of lashing out at Ram Gopal Varma who supported Sri Reddy,  why is TFI trying to give it a political twist.  It seems they also asked TFI people about all the evidences  of conspiracy that the film Industry people are propagating about the  TV Channels. They also questioned why did TFI people circulated the morphed videos of Sri Reddy.  The media representative said that they didn’t telecast the abusive language Sri Reddy used, they put beep sound when Sri Reddy uttered ‘M******d’. But Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan posted a video that has audio of ‘M******d’.

 They also asked that number of people from Telugu Film Industry are  not supporting the decision of ban on these news channels then how can few people take the decision to impose ban. Why the entire film Industry is coming in the support of only one political party-Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena.  According to the reports from media circle,  after discussion  TFI bigwigs temporarily put the decision on hold.

 Very soon, everyone  will come to know  that what happened in the meeting of Media people and TFI biggies and  these channels are getting promotional contents or not.